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365 Days

EMO - Stranger

(0:00) Opening, Laura watching the sun go down; Opening credits.

Ave Maria

Franz Schubert - Musica Para Tu Boda; Volumen 1

(0:07) Laura and Don Massimo’s wedding scene.

My Girl

Oskar Cyms - My Girl - Single

(0:09) Laura and Don Massimo accept congratulations.

On It


(0:10) Laura ties Massimo up.

Mi Amor

J.J. Abel - Mi Amor

(0:13) Domenico dance scene.

If U Like That

Marissa - Stranger - EP

(0:16) Honeymoon sequence.

It Feels Like Home

Nairobiee - Neo Soul

(0:25) Massimo leaves.

Nothing To Loose

Marien - Nothing To Loose - Single

(0:27) Laura and Olga driving; (0:28) Laura and Olga go out after a walk on the beach.


Ian Scott

(0:35) Presents are given; Dominico proposes.


EMO - Promises - Single

(0:39) Massimo gets text from Laura; Massimo gets his present.

Wine, Women and Song, Waltz

Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra - The Very Best of Strauss

(0:50) More ballroom dancing; Laura’s parents dancing.


Bleeding Fingers - Space Tones: Dark Matter

(0:50) Massimo disappears with mysterious woman; Laura follows him from a distance.


Natalia Krakowiak - Secrets - Single

(0:58) Massimo is alone at the house; Laura left a message.


Compagnia d'Opera Italiana - Tosti: Ultimate Collection

(1:01) Laura at the beach with Nacho; Massimo and Elena at restaurant.


Ian Scott

(1:03) Laura and Nacho; Laura misses Massimo.

Give Me Some Love

TYNSKY - Give Me Some Love - Single

(1:09) Olga is upset Laura is gone; Massimo is upset; Laura dreams of Nacho.

Eyes on Target

Nexus Trix - Power Play

(1:11) Laura wakes up as an intruder enters the house; Nacho fights him off and comforts Laura.

Good To Me

EMO - Good To Me - Single

(1:15) The intruder has been handed over to the police; Nacho and Laura go for a drive.

Winter Summer

Jhn McFly - Winter Summer

(1:17) Laura and Nacho riding a water scooter.

Dos Horas

J.J. Abel - Dos Horas

(1:19) Nacho and Laura on beach.

By Your Side

Marissa - Stranger - EP

(1:21) Nacho leaves Laura with his sister.

Show Me

Ian Scott

(1:23) Nacho throws Laura in the ocean; They share a surfing moment.

Never Again

Tom Martin

(1:25) Laura wakes up with Nacho.

Be Mine (Remix)

Naomi August - Be Mine (Remix) - Single

(1:28) Laura and Nacho eating.

The Calling (EPIX Remix)

The Rigs - Epix - EP

(1:30) Don Matos standing on the balcony.

The End


Laura and Nacho driving to the family estate.

Another Day

Michele Morrone

(1:45) The final shootout; Massimo sitting with Laura in his arms; End credits.

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