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New Sensation

INXS - The Best of INXS

Matt cleans out his room and anywhere that reminds him of sex.

Talking 'bout My Baby

Fatboy Slim

00:28 Candy photographs her 'ass' on the photocopier. Ryan can't believe Matt isn't going to call her.

Turn Off the Lights

Teddy Pendergrass - Back to Back With Love

00:22 Matt returns to his home after the laundromat. Ryan finds a porn tape he was looking for and yells at Ryan.


Sugababes - One Touch

00:29 Erica is dancing to this song at the laundromat. Matt brings her fabric softener.

Recondita Armonia

Giacomo Puccini

00:47 Ryan is at the bar telling a woman he is celibate so he can connect better with his feelings. He later has sex with her back at their house.

Strange Condition

Pete Yorn - Live from New Jersey

After Erika finds Matt and Nicole together.

Do Me!

Bell Biv DeVoe - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bel Biv DeVoe

00:49 Matt is confessing to his brother/priest. He recollects hot woman wearing no bras at the cafe earlier.

Memory Gospel

Moby - Southland Tales (Original Soundtrack)

The flowers Matt brings to Erika. 

The One You Have Not Seen

Sophie B. Hawkins - Timbre

Using the flowers that ends up turning Matt on.

Space to Share

Scapegoat Wax - Okeeblow

01:08 Matt looks and goes through a box at his house before Nicole shows up at the door.

Filthy Mind

Amanda Ghost - Valentine (Music from the Motion Picture)

01:10 Matt slams the door in Nicole's face and runs from his house.

Love Her for That

Teddy Thompson - Teddy Thompson

01:21 Erica runs out on Matt after she finds he had sex with Nicole. Matt gives Erica a box and a leaves her a gift at the laundromat.

We're in Heaven

Sgt. Rock - Live the Dream

01:26 Song playing when they're all hanging out at Matts house while he's finally having sex. They are placing bets.

Strange Disease

Prozzak - Hot Show

The End of the movie.

Macon Hambone Blues

Wet Willie - Drippin' Wet

Sampled in 'Talking 'bout My Baby'

Under Pressure

Queen and David Bowie

First song end during crédits

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