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Loco Loco

Mr. Kapri - Pa' Mover el Polon

00:20 Dennis and his family arrive at the motel.

Don't Sleep


00:21 Dennis and his family move into a shabby cramped motel room.

Buscando un Nuevo Amor

Todo Cien - Un Secreto - EP

00:23 Dennis' neighbors blast this song as Dennis and his family try to sleep.


Evan Olson - Take the World

00:27 Plays in the background as Rick discuss to his group on how they should clean up the house before selling it. Dennis arrives at the scene and enters the house.

Let Me Down

The Glass Heroes

00:29 Rick's crew starts laughing at Dennis after he starts vomiting from the horrible stench coming from the house.

Let Me Down

Glass Heroes

Rick's crew starts laughing at Dennis after he starts vomiting from the horrible stench coming from the house.

I'm Your Girl

Gareth Young

00:30 Dennis' family count the money that Dennis made while working for Rick.

Un Secreto

Todo Cien - Un Secreto - EP

00:31 Dennis drives home and shows his mother the steak he bought her for dinner.

Life Passed Me By

Super Stereo - This Is Futurepop

01:19 First song at Conner's birthday party.

Falling Down

Gareth Young

01:20 Second song at Connor's birthday party, Dennis gives Conner a bike.

Las Quiero Igual

Todo Cien - Un Secreto - EP

01:21 Conner rides his new bike outside. A family that Dennis previously evicted out a house arrive at the motel and the wife's husband gets into a fight with Dennis.

(Uh) Yah Dut


01:22 Dennis and his family lock themselves at their motel room as the man that confronted Dennis starts harassing them from outside their door.

Make This Club Jump

Aaron Paul Nelson - Aaron Paul Nelson

01:24 Nick has a party at his house as Nick and Dennis get drunk.


Alexander Rizzo, Elliot Ireland and Tom Greenwood

01:25 Nick and Dennis talk about how they should split their money.

Scratchero y Timbal

Latin Soul Syndicate - The Adventures of Johnny Loco

01:26 The party starts getting out of hand as Nick starts getting sick from all the drinking.

Das Rheingold: Vorspiel

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Lorin Maazel

01:31 Nick gives Dennis some important advice.

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