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This Is All There Is

Big Jaw - Photophobia - EP

00:03 Miles gets back on the motorcycle. He and his father Chuck asks George for a spare chain.

Bang (feat. Them&Us)

Stanton Warriors & Jay Robinson - Bang (feat. Them&Us) - Single

00:10 Miles arrives at Sam’s party. He meets Sam at the party where Sam uses a flamethrower. Sara and her friends talk about Miles at the party.


Gundelach - Garden (Dan Lissvik Remix) - Single

00:14 Sam walks into Sam’s garage and looks at the bikes.

The Up and Down (feat. Olivia Reid)

Hykuu - The Up and Down - Single (feat. Olivia Reid) - Single

00:15 Sara finds Miles pretending to ride one of Sam’s motorcycles at the garage. Sara and Miles talk about Sam.


Jameston Thieves - Ghost - Single

00:16 Sam finds Miles and Sara talking at the garage.

Run Up


00:07 Sam pulls up by Miles and invites him to his party.


Ty Frankel

00:21 Sam and his friends drive away, leaving Miles on the floor.

She Got Swag (feat. Lil' Weavah)


00:21 Sam and his friends watch the video of Miles falling from his motorcycle. Sara enters the room and asks them where Miles is.

No Way Back (DOA Mix)

Robert Khurana

01:10 Sam throws a party outside when A-X-L arrives.

The Compromise: Prologue to Dreams

Punskription - Native Brains: Foreign Hearts - EP

00:19 Sam pulls up by Miles’ house and invites him to Beaumont’s ranch.


Spoon - Hot Thoughts

00:34 Miles plays with A-X-L at the junkyard.

Time Out

Mars Today - Bits & Pieces

00:40 Miles and Sara talk about where A-X-L came from. They then talk about their parents.

Dancing in the Moonlight

King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight (Remastered 40th Anniversary Edition) - Single

00:42 Next song playing on Sara’s phone. Miles and Sara gets up and dance together..

California Girls (NoMBe vs. Sonny Alven)

NoMBe & Sonny Alven - California Girls (NoMBe vs. Sonny Alven) - Single

01:27 Sara and Miles are at the beach. Miles get an envelope from his father. Plays into the end credits.

Revolution (feat. Kiwi, Ruby Ibarra, Ann One & DJ Neil Armstrong)

Chops - Strength in Numbers

01:09 Sam sends his friends to get lighter fluid at the gas station.

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