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We Are Family (1995 Remaster)

Sister Sledge - We Are Family (1995 Remaster)

Opening. Trish dances with Mike, Tessa and Hardin show up.

Bargain Flights

j ember - Bargain Flights - Single

Hardin and Vance talk at the bar.


Alaina Castillo

Tessa and Kim talk; Vance comes over to say Hardin left.


Wesley Joseph

James answers Hardin's phone and talks to Tessa.

Same Energy

Che Lingo

Tessa shows up at the party and meets Mark.


Jonah Kagen - Broken - Single

Hardin is still in London, and Tessa returns to Hardin's apartment.


Yoke Lore

Richards funeral.


Anna of the North - Lovers

Tessa gets drunk, and Hardin visits her.



Tessa convinces Hardin to walk for Graduation during the family dinner

Every Colour

Luca Fogale

Tessa moves to New York with Landon and Hardin goes the group therapy

Cuff Your Jeans


Song after end credits

I'll Make You Love Me

Kat Leon - I'll Make You Love Me - Single

Hardin gives Tessa a massage and then have sex

Only Everything

Quinn Lewis - Only Everything - Single

Tessa gets under the covers with Hardin after his nightmare, Hardin walks Tess home after work, repeats: Hardin wakes up on the sofa, Landon and Nora come out after spending the night together


RY X - Dawn

Hardin meets with publishers, Goes to boxing and opens up during group therapy, Tessa spends New Years with Landon and Nora and looks Hardin publishing deal up on the internet

Can We (with Kacy Hill)

Jim-E Stack

Robert comes over to Tessas apartment and they have dinner together

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