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Spiders Snakes Aeroplanes

Nick Jordan

Jonathan jumps into the pool and bothers his mom. Adam follows Karim and his boss, then meets the rest of the crew.

Pucc' Fiction

Oxmo Puccino

The song plays on the car radio while Adam asks his coworker to tell him about Amet.

Sin Some More

Quality Drugs

Pee Wee takes Adam to the club, and they have a drink at the bar.


Emmery Williams, Corey English, Scott Dudley

At the nightclub, Pee Wee and Adam chat while the strippers dance.

Weegee Hours

Manuel Galvin

Natalya comes and asks Sara to entertain some customers.

Little Nemo

Toodlum Barker & Emil Lomax

Adam vomits in the bathroom and then smokes a cigarette.

Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)

Blu Cantrell - Bittersweet

A group of angry customers initiates a fight outside the club. A person informs Pee Wee and Adam that Amet's associates are attacking Sofiane.



One of the prostitutes informs Natalya that she has obtained the necessary address.

Thug Life

Paul Thorne, Negative One

While smoking a cigarette outside, Adam notices Natalya conversing with some unfamiliar individuals. Music plays on the radio as the car drives by.

Slip in Tha Thub


Music plays during Jonathan's birthday celebration. Feeling bored, Jonathan asks Natalya if they can visit the zoo.


Norbert Denis Galouo, Jorge Villalba Jimenez

Pee Wee tells Adam that they must depart from the party within an hour because he has a surprise for him.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Kaiser Chiefs

After listening to the news, Pee Wee requests the driver to switch the radio station, and then they exit the van and commit a bank robbery.



Adam enters a brothel and engages in physical altercations with multiple individuals, followed by firing shots.

Playboy Bunny

Negative One

Adam is shot twice and proceeds to engage in a fight with the assailant.


Josh Cohen

The song continues playing during the montage displayed towards the conclusion of the movie.

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