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Maribou State

Finch pulls his car into his garage at home.

Where Do You Go? (Yumi Zouma Remix)

Claire George - Where Do You Go? Remixes - Single

Finch runs through town, sees Violet standing on the bridge.

Pumpin Blood (Taken By Trees x Belief Remix)

NONONO - We Are Only Remixes - EP

Embry reminds Finch about support group; Finch gets an idea while he runs; Violet wakes up to Finch on the lawn.

Mo' Better Blues (feat. Terence Blanchard)

Branford Marsalis Quartet - MUSIC FROM MO' BETTER BLUES (feat. Terence Blanchard)

Finch puts on a record in his room, then searches Violet and Eleanor on social media.

Mo' Better Blues

Branford Marsalis Quartet & Terence Blanchard - Mo' Better Blues (feat. Terence Blanchard)

Finch puts the vinyl record to play while searching the internet for Violet.


Many Voices Speak - Tank Town

Finch runs and finds a sign on the bridge in memory of Violet's sister.

Tank Town

Many Voices Speak - Tank Town

Finch runs by the bridge at night, sees the memory marker for Eleanor.

PARAD(w/m)E (Rostam Remix)

Sylvan Esso - PARAD(w/m)E [Rostam Remix] - Single

Violet enters a house party and finds Amanda and Suze.

Yeah Right

Joji - Yeah Right - Single

Roamer and Violet talk at the party.

Waking Up

Mr. Little Jeans - Waking Up - Single

Finch drives in his Van and sees Violet riding her bike, Violet tells Finch she'll go on wanderings with him.

I Didn't Know

Skinshape - Filoxiny

Finch writes more post-its, spots Virginia Woolf's collected works in his bedroom.

Too Young to Burn

Sonny & The Sunsets - Tomorrow Is Alright

Violet and Finch drive along the flat roads of Indiana, Finch sings along with the car stereo; Violet watches him sing before apologizing for her actions the previous day; (repeats) End credits.


Babeheaven - Circles - EP

Sheryl and Violet talk in her room; Finch paints his room blue; Finch runs; Finch shuts himself in his closet and writes on post-its.

Die Alone

Tony K - Die Alone - Single

Finch cut away scene

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