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In Your Head

Nilüfer Yanya - Miss Universe

Auden goes to a beach party at the Tip.



Auden talks to Jake at the beach party.

Rush (Demo)

Adulte - Rush (Demo) - Single

Auden visits Clementine's and meets Maggie, Esther, and Leah.

Get Busy

Sean Paul - Dutty Rock

Dance break at Clementine's.

Hawt Heart

Born At Midnite - Born at Midnite - EP

Montage of time passing in Auden's life.


Best People - Teen Expo: The Sara Label

Eli takes Auden to the laundromat and starts a load of laundry.

The Jangling Man

The Cleaners From Venus - Number Thirteen

Auden and Eli hang out at the secret pie shop.

Like a Wheel

Spissy - Easy Mirror - EP

Auden and Eli play Connect Four and talk at the pie shop.

Saturday Nighttime

Richard Goldman - Sweethearts Deluxe

Auden and Eli play mini golf and talk.



Auden's mom surprises her at Clementine's.

Melody in F

Thomas Hewitt Jones

Auden and her mom eat at a fancy restaurant.


Jeremiah Meece

Maggie and Auden arrive at the BMX track.

Not About You

Haiku Hands - Not About You - Single

Maggie shows off her BMX skills to Auden.

Better Not Be Here

James Lee Homes, Robert Terry Homes

Auden and Leah get snacks at the convenience store.

Teen Creeps

No Age - Nouns

Esther begins to play music in her car, but the other girls complain that they've heard too much No Age.

I'm a Lady (feat. Trouble Andrew)

Santigold - Santigold

Leah, Esther, and Maggie tell Auden to pick a song for their car ride. She scrolls the phone and picks a song, and they all sing along.


Noga Erez - Off the Radar

Auden, Leah, Maggie, and Esther go to a party at Conchhouse.

January Wedding

The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You

Esther performs a cover of 'January Wedding' around the fire; Maggie and Auden talk about Eli.

Lucky Strike

Troye Sivan - Bloom

Dance break #2.

Astral Projection

Yumi Zouma - Present Tense

Auden goes to the bike shop to tell Eli she wants to do the quest; Montage of them hanging out.

Move It


Auden and Eli race around the thrift store in a shopping cart.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Lykke Li - Youth Novels (Special Edition)

Auden arrives at the 4th of July party.

Me and the Moon

The Drums - The Drums

The girls hang out with the guys from the bike shop at the 4th of July party.

Schools for Fools

The Girls - Armed to the Teeth

A food fight breaks out at the 4th of July party.

Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

Small Black - Small Black / Washed Out - EP

Everyone at the 4th of July party runs into the ocean after the big food fight.

Learn to Let Go

IDER - Learn to Let Go - Single

Montage of Auden after her fight with Eli.


The Joy Formidable - A Balloon Called Moaning

Auden learns to ride a bike with Maggie.


Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation

Auden rides bikes to the beach with Eli.

Lust For Life


Beach prom.

Fit N Full

Samia - The Baby

End credits.

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