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Oh Yeah


00:01 First song as he has sex with a sandwich.

Something In Your Mouth

Nickelback - Hard & Heavy

00:02 Opening credits song. Cafeteria.

Miss Cindy

The High Decibels - The High Decibels

00:02 Principal walks down the school hall and sees the video of Rob.

Smoke Alarm

Freddy Rawsh - Smoke Alarm

00:04 Lube draws one of the cheerleaders during the in class quiz.

Hot N Cold

Katy Perry

00:07 First song at the aloha dance party.

Dance, Dance

Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree

00:10 Second song at the party. Stifler makes two girls kiss.

Turn It Down

Sideway Runners - Sideway Runners

00:12 Rob talks to Heidi at the party. The three guys then chat on the dance floor.


Roobie Breastnut

00:13 Techno song at the party. Lube follows his money into the toilet.


Ace Baker

00:20 Rob shows the guys the bible at the diner.



00:23 Rob goes into the lingerie store to try and talk to Ashley.

When You Want Some Uh Uh

Nio Renee Wilson

00:25 Rob walks out with the stolen lingerie in his pants.

Get Loose (The Nipjoint Remix)

Quanteisha Benjamin

00:30 Lube fantasises about taking photos of Ashley on a motorbike.


The High Lonesome - Collector's Album 1995-2010

00:35 Stifler makes fun of Rob at the diner. Stifler tries to hit on Imogen.


Dr. Hollywood

00:37 The guys arrive at the house and ask for monique.

Body Language

Isaac Hayes - Chocolate Chip

00:40 Song playing when Monique takes Rob into her room.

If Something's Wrong

Aidan Hawken - The Sleep of Trees

00:46 Song as Rob tells Heidi how he feels. Plays again at the end in the snow gondola when they kiss.

Hot Mess

Cobra Starship - Hot Mess (Deluxe Version)

00:50 Second song at the party. Stifler puts a condom in someones drink.

Are You Ready?

Crash Boom Bang

00:53 Third song at the party. Rob tries to find Heidi.

Got Me Some Love

Keely Hawkes

00:57 Song with the foreign exchange student in the hot tub.


The Friday Night Boys - Rock Reel

00:59 Song at the party when Rob walks in on Heidi with Stifler.

Army Girl

The Genders - Virgin No. 72

01:00 Song at the party. Rob talks about not being the nice guy anymore.

Something Wild

The High Lonesome - Collector's Album 1995-2010

01:04 Song at the diner the morning after the party. The guys talk about the bible.

Burning Love

Travis Tritt - The Greatest Country Dance Record Ever, Vol. One

01:07 Song as they reconnect with Mr. Levenstein and try to rewrite the bible.


Aidan Hawken

01:12 Song as Rob heads to ski trip. Continues during strip poker.

She Can Dance

Billy Trudel

01:15 Stifler loses the bet in strip poker. He runs through the snow naked.


Mikey and the Gypsys

01:17 They all go skiing and snowboarding.


Melinda Ortner

01:20 Imogen and Stifler talk in front on the fire at the ski resort.

Say Yes

Elliott Smith - Good Will Hunting (Music From the Miramax Motion Picture)

01:26 Lube and Ashley kiss in the snow. All in bed with their partners.

Book of Love


01:28 Song after they return the book of love. First song during end credits during outtakes.

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