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IO Echo - Ministry of Love

Second song as the girls lie in the sun. Steph tells Ellie she's ready to go.

Bajo Del Norte

Michael Sosa and Anthony Vanacore

00:04 The girls ride into a small village and look at some stalls.

El Apagon

Senor Falvio

00:09 The girls walk into the bar.


Bomba Estereo

00:11 The girls start drinking shots at the bar.


Los del Río - Fiesta Macarena

00:12 Ellie turns off the song playing on the jukebox.

Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

Los del Rio

00:12 Ellie turns off the song playing on the jukebox.

I Touch Myself

The Divinyls

00:13 Ellie starts this song on the jukebox and starts singing to it.

La Niña Rica

Bomba Estereo

00:15 Ellie comes out of the bathroom and sits with the mexican guy. He takes a photo of her.

I Don't Do Surprises

Axle Whitehead - Losing Sleep

00:26 The girls listen to this song on their ipod while sun baking next to the water.

Cold Soul

Angie Mattson

01:23 First song during the end credits.

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