Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver - The Very Best of Adam & The Ants

00:05 At Baskin-Robbins, a kid asks Scott if they sell anything that is hot and fresh.

Hot Poppin' Popcorn

The Wiggles

Playing in the background of Cass's birthday party.

Live It Up


00:07 Lang arrives at Luis' apartment where a group of neighbors are partying.


Roy Ayers - Ant-Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:21 Luis gives Lang a long-winded response on where he got the tip from.

I'm Ready

The Commodores - Ant-Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Montage of the crew getting set up to rob Hank Pym's House.

Our Time Now

Love Kelli - Love Kelli

00:29 Neighbors are having a party underneath Lang, who is inside the bathroom with the costume.

Pink Gorilla

HLM - Ant-Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Scott falls through the floor into a dance party while wearing the suit for the first time.

It's A Small World

Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman

01:14 Luis is whistling "It's A Small World" as he goes undercover,

50 Year Old Ghost Story

Henry Jackman

[Wasn't in Ant-Man. This was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.]


The Cure - Disintegration (Deluxe Edition - Remastered)

Ant-Man and Yellowjacket fighting inside the suitcase.

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