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Marqus Clae

Babylon (2022) Trailer - Margot Robbie, Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva, Olivia Wilde Movie


Justin Hurwitz

A party is starting at Garbo's. A woman is giving a man a golden shower.

Manny and Nellie's Theme

Justin Hurwitz

Manuel assists Nelly in entering the party. He attempts to introduce himself, but she shows no interest.

Red Devil

Justin Hurwitz

Some people at the party are having fun while others are talking about business.

King of the Circus

Justin Hurwitz

Jack arrives at the party after having an argument with his wife.

My Girl's Pussy

Justin Hurwitz

Miss Lady Fay Zhu is introduced, then begins her show.

Voodoo Mama

Justin Hurwitz

Jack requests Lady Fey to give attention to his friend to cheer him up, Nelly and Manuel dance on the dance floor.

Gold Coast Rhythm - Wallach Party

Justin Hurwitz

A few people are still at the party location drinking and dancing. The soundtrack plays again at 52 and 1:34.

Ain't Life Grand

Justin Hurwitz

A man told Nelly she is expected on set. She gets incredibly excited.


Justin Hurwitz

Nelly wakes up and leaves her home as soon as possible.

Coke Room

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly arrived on set and observed everything happening around her. The soundtrack plays again at 49 minutes.

Night on Bald Mountain

Justin Hurwitz

An action scene is being filmed.

Herman's Hustle

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly quickly comprehends her role and begins to act.


Justin Hurwitz

After a productive day of shooting, the people involved in the movie celebrate.

Wild Child

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly, along with other viewers, enjoys the premiere of the movie she stars in.

New York

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly and Manuel reunite, and he is pleased to see that she still remembers him.

See You Back in LA

Justin Hurwitz

Nellie gets to the hotel, telling Manny they’ll see each other back in LA.

Dirty Hands, Dirty Face

Al Jolson

Manny went to a show, but he ignores it.

I Want a Man

Justin Hurwitz

At the party, people engage in various activities.

Orientally Yours

Justin Hurwitz

Lady Fey selects Nelly as her partner.

Singin' in the Rain

Justin Hurwitz

Jack has been cast in a musical, but he is not enthusiastic about the role.

Call Me Manny

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly and Manny fulfill their long-awaited dream of working together on a movie set.

Hearst Party

Justin Hurwitz

Manny used his connections to help Nelly restore her reputation by getting her an invitation to an upscale party.

Damascus Thump

Justin Hurwitz

Jack's career is gradually declining, while Manny is still making efforts to promote Sidney's career.

Cavalleria Rusticana: "O Lola ch'ai di latti la cammisa" (Siciliana)

Pietro Mascagni

Nelly approaches Manny with several problems, and he agrees to assist her in resolving them.

Nea Smyrni

Justin Hurwitz

Manny returns the money that Nelly owed to James McKay.

Pussy! (My Girl's Pussy)

Harry Roy and His Bat Club Boys

Manny and his friend find themselves in an unusual location, where Don has brought them to introduce them to a new actor.

Jack's Party Band

Justin Hurwitz

Fey arrives at Jack's party and informs him that she is relocating to Europe.


Justin Hurwitz

Manny wakes up Nelly and instructs her to prepare to depart for Mexico.

Señor Avocado

Justin Hurwitz

While traveling to Mexico, Nelly asks Manny to stop for some dancing.

Gold Coast Rhythm - Juan Bonilla

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly and Manny come to a decision to get married and depart together from that moment on.

Te Amo Nellie

Justin Hurwitz

Nelly chooses to depart while Manny goes to seek assistance.

All I Do Is Dream of You

Debbie Reynolds

After many years, Manny and his family visit LA. He goes to watch a movie.

Singin' in the Rain

Gene Kelly - Singin' in the Rain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Manny becomes emotional and sheds tears while watching new movies.


Justin Hurwitz

The initial party scenes are replayed, while a montage showcasing the evolution of cinema is being displayed.

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