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Beach Rats Theme

Nick Le贸n

00:01 Opening scene.

Rachata Friday

The Talent House

00:01 Spanish song playing in a gay man's chatroom.

White Case

Nick Le贸n

00:06 Fireworks in the sky.

August Ambiance

Nick Le贸n

00:09 Frankie and Simone take the train to his house. [1:31] Frankie goes to the amusement park and watches the fireworks.



00:14 Frankie goes to a pharmacy and picks up a prescription.

Progression III


00:15 Frankie enters the vape shop.

Red Eye

Peter M Amato

00:22 A naked gay man is dancing along to this song in the chatroom.

Be Not Afraid

Paul Olson

00:26 Organ music as the priest asks the church goers to sing this hymn.

Play In The Sun

Anj Ella

00:31 Plays in a passing car.

Beach Rats Theme Extended

Nick Le贸n

00:31 Frankie gets ready to meet up with the gay man. [1:28] Frankie's mother asks him what's going on with hi. He deletes all his photos from his computer.

Veula El Tempo

Dionis Rivera

00:39 Frankie asks Simone if it鈥檚 hot when two girls make out.

Beach Rats Theme Reprise

Nick Le贸n

00:43 Frankie and Simone take photos as they make out.



01:02 Frankie has sex with Simone in the electric closet.



Frankie goes back to the pharmacy to get his prescription refilled.

New Generation

Nick Le贸n

01:17 Frankie and his friends walk to his house.


Nick Le贸n

01:01 Frankie and his friends gets a free bottle on the house. Frankie lwaves his friends.



01:12 Frankie smokes with his friends at the vape shop.


Via App - Dangerous Game

00:02 Techno song playing in another gay man's chatroom.

That Chicken

Dyme-A-Duzin - That Chicken - Single

00:08 Frankie and Simone ride the bumper cars.

Planet E (Dense & Pika Remix)

Tiga - No Fantasy Required

00:58 Frankie, Simone and his friends go to a boar party.

Generation Z

The Underachievers - Generation Z - Single

00:08 Frankie's friends are playing a boxing game at the carnival. He places a python behind Simone's neck.


Freddie Munoz - Amiga

00:18 Frankie鈥檚 friends spot his date at the beach.


Beckah Shae - Champion

00:36 Frankie asks Simone out at the clothing store.


Denzel Curry - Imperial

00:45 Frankie meets his friends at the vape shop.

Put Your Hands Together

Beat Cutterz & Aksyel - Put Your Hands Together - Single

00:59 Frankie and Simone take pills at the dance floor.

Lover "From Where the Minutes Go"


01:11 Frankie goes back to the pharmacy to get his prescription refilled.

Game Over

Lookas & Crankdat - Insomniac Records Presents: EDC Las Vegas 2016

01:03 Frankie gets wasted at the dance floor.

Fade Away (Valentin Radio Mix)

Sarah Atereth - Fade Away (The Radio Remixes) - EP

01:09 Frankie goes to Simone's job. He asks if he could talk to her.

William Tell Overture

Gioachino Rossini

One of Frankie's friends rides the electric pony ride.

William Tell Overture "Electronic Version"

Gioachino Rossini

01:15 One of Frankie's friends rides the electric pony ride.

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