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Beach Rats Theme

Nick León

00:01 Opening scene.

Rachata Friday

The Talent House

00:01 Spanish song playing in a gay man's chatroom.

White Case

Nick León

00:06 Fireworks in the sky.

August Ambiance

Nick León

00:09 Frankie and Simone take the train to his house. [1:31] Frankie goes to the amusement park and watches the fireworks.



00:14 Frankie goes to a pharmacy and picks up a prescription.

Progression III


00:15 Frankie enters the vape shop.

Red Eye

Peter M Amato

00:22 A naked gay man is dancing along to this song in the chatroom.

Be Not Afraid

Paul Olson

00:26 Organ music as the priest asks the church goers to sing this hymn.

Play In The Sun

Anj Ella

00:31 Plays in a passing car.

Beach Rats Theme Extended

Nick León

00:31 Frankie gets ready to meet up with the gay man. [1:28] Frankie's mother asks him what's going on with hi. He deletes all his photos from his computer.

Veula El Tempo

Dionis Rivera

00:39 Frankie asks Simone if it’s hot when two girls make out.

Beach Rats Theme Reprise

Nick León

00:43 Frankie and Simone take photos as they make out.



01:02 Frankie has sex with Simone in the electric closet.

New Generation

Nick León

01:17 Frankie and his friends walk to his house.


Nick León

01:01 Frankie and his friends gets a free bottle on the house. Frankie lwaves his friends.



01:12 Frankie smokes with his friends at the vape shop.


Via App - Dangerous Game

00:02 Techno song playing in another gay man's chatroom.

That Chicken

Dyme-A-Duzin - That Chicken - Single

00:08 Frankie and Simone ride the bumper cars.

Planet E (Dense & Pika Remix)

Tiga - No Fantasy Required

00:58 Frankie, Simone and his friends go to a boar party.

Generation Z

The Underachievers - Generation Z - Single

00:08 Frankie's friends are playing a boxing game at the carnival. He places a python behind Simone's neck.


Freddie Munoz - Amiga

00:18 Frankie’s friends spot his date at the beach.


Beckah Shae - Champion

00:36 Frankie asks Simone out at the clothing store.


Denzel Curry - Imperial

00:45 Frankie meets his friends at the vape shop.

Put Your Hands Together

Beat Cutterz & Aksyel - Put Your Hands Together - Single

00:59 Frankie and Simone take pills at the dance floor.

Lover "From Where the Minutes Go"


01:11 Frankie goes back to the pharmacy to get his prescription refilled.

Game Over

Lookas & Crankdat - Insomniac Records Presents: EDC Las Vegas 2016

01:03 Frankie gets wasted at the dance floor.

Fade Away (Valentin Radio Mix)

Sarah Atereth - Fade Away (The Radio Remixes) - EP

01:09 Frankie goes to Simone's job. He asks if he could talk to her.

William Tell Overture "Electronic Version"

Gioachino Rossini

01:15 One of Frankie's friends rides the electric pony ride.

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