Legend of a Cowgirl

Imani Coppola - Unsung

(0:23) Daisy arrives in L.A., steps down from a Greyhound Bus a fresh-faced country girl and asks a stranger "Where do I go to be an actress?"

You're a Wonderful One

Marvin Gaye - Gold: Marvin Gaye

(0:11) Bowfinger heads off to meet Kit Ramsey; (0:16) Kit gets angry and shoots at the drumkit. (1:32) End credits

Super Bad, Super Slick

James Brown - Bowfinger (Music From the Motion Picture)

(1:11) Kit leaves his villa, followed by Bowfinger and his crew.

What Them Girls Like

Ludacris ft Chris Brown & Sean Garrett

(0:28) Spanish speaking people jump into the van which then heads off with them.

Mambo U.K.

¡Cubanismo! - Bowfinger (Music From the Motion Picture)

(0:56) After buying lots of bargain stuff for the movie on a credit card, Daisy's, actually.

And I Love You So

Perry Como - Bowfinger (Music From the Motion Picture)

(0:54) Daisy and Bowfinger end up on the sofa.

Don't Phunk With My Heart

The Black Eyes Peas

(0:52) Bowfinger prepares romantic dinner.

Cafe Set-Up / Shooting the Cafe / Stealing Renfro's Car / Auditioning the Butts

David Newman - Bowfinger (Music From the Motion Picture)

(0:32) Hidden in the van, preparations are made to shoot a scene with Kit; (0:46) Looking for a Kit ass double; (0:59) Car stealing.

Betsy Chases Kit / The First Shot / A Short Ride / Dave Makes a Call / Dave Returns Camera

David Newman - Bowfinger (Music From the Motion Picture)

(0:18) A short ride—for mentioning “MindHead”; (0:30) Borrowing camera; (0:41) Betsy chases Kit; (0:58) Bowfinger desperate to find Kit; (1:07) Returning camera.

The Observatory

David Newman - Bowfinger (Music From the Motion Picture)

(1:02) Kit runs away in panic of the aliens attacking him; (1:14) Kit and Daisy try to escape the aliens, running through the observatory.

Secret Agent Man

Johnny Rivers - Johnny Rivers: Greatest Hits

(1:28) “Fake Purse Ninjas” theme

A Fifth of Beethoven

Walter Murphy - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

(1:16) Kit and Daisy run through the cinema with alien worshippers.

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