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Chick Habit

April March - Paris in April

Used as the theme song

Laisse Tomber Les Filles

April March - Paris in April

Opening, cheerleaders do the routine.

Just Like Henry

Dressy Bessy - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons

00:24 [Scene of] Step 2: Rediscovering Your Gender Identity

If You Should Try and Kiss Her

Dressy Bessy

00:36 [Bathroom Scene] Megan brushing her hair, gazing at Graham; song cuts off during Megan's dream

If You Should Try to Kiss Her

Dressy Bessy - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons

Megan looks at Graham and dreams of kissing.

Trailer Song

Sissy Bar

00:41 [Begins with] Graham caressing Megan's arm while watching the 'Demystifying the Opposite Sex' film

All or Nothing

Miisa - Get Ready - EP

00:44 When they first enter the 'Cocksucker' bar

We're in the City

Saint Etienne - Sound of Water (Special Edition)

00:45 Megan is asked to danced but declines, Graham proceeds to encourage her to dance; Megan is dancing with the blonde and Graham with Sinead

The Swisher

Summer's Eve

00:49 Andre dancing, gathering a crowd; the group is about to leave the club

Funnel of Love

Wanda Jackson - Live In Chicago

00:50 Megan brushing her teeth, looking dazed and most likely thinking of the prior night's events

Ray of Sunshine

Go Sailor - Go Sailor

00:58 [Final Test scenes]

Glass Vase, Cello Case

Tattle Tale

01:02 Intimate scene with Megan and Graham

Glass Vase Cello Case

Tattle Tale

When Megan and Graham make love.

Party Train

RuPaul - Foxy Lady

01:05 While attempting to strike a deal with Megan, Mary looks outside the window to see her son dancing flamboyantly while listening to music on his Walkman

Evening In Paris

Lois - Strumpet

01:12 Megan and Dolph sitting at the bar in the Cocksucker

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