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Once Upon a Time

Steve Goldstein

00:01 First song, meeting Darla and Danny. Darla is shown in her palace, and Danny sets off for Hollywood from his small hometown of Kokomo

Our Time Has Come

James Ingram, Carnie Wilson

00:02 Opening titles while Danny's bus gets him to Hollywood

Danny's Arrival Song

Scott Bakula

00:03 Danny sings about his hopes and ambitions

Farley's Office

Steve Goldstein

00:06 Danny finds animal talent agent Farley Wink and is immediately cast into Mammoth Pictures' movie "Li'l Ark Angel"

Reporting For Work

Steve Goldstein

00:10 Morning at Mammoth Pictures. Preparation for filming

Little Boat On The Sea

Lindsay Ridgeway

00:13 Darla performs but is interrupted by Danny who has turned his one line of "meow" into an impressive bit of music

Max Enters

Steve Goldstein

00:16 Darla takes Danny's interference as an insult and sends her valet Max to punish him

Animal Jam

Scott Bakula

00:26 Danny organizes an impromptu dance session in an alley so as to remind the animals of their reason for coming to Hollywood

Tea Time For Danny

Steve Goldstein

00:31 Darla invites Danny to her mansion so she could "apologize" for what Max did the other day and offers to call studio boss L.B. Mammoth to arrange a chance for Danny and his friends to perform for him

Big And Loud (Part 1)

Lindsay Ridgeway

00:34 Darla teaches Danny show business fundamentals

Big And Loud (Part 2)

Lindsay Ridgeway

00:36 After Danny leaves, Darla discloses her real evil plan

The Flood

Steve Goldstein

00:40 Darla floods the sound stage, destroying a nearby press release and blaming the animals for it

Tell Me Lies

Natalie Cole

00:46 Sawyer sings about her ruined hopes

Danny's Theme

Steve Goldstein

00:50 Danny takes a bus back to Kokomo, but then changes his mind and conspires with his penguin friend Pudge to demonstrate the animals' skill

Darla's Theme

Steve Goldstein

00:52 Danny and Pudge send other animals invitations. Darla shines during the premiere (P.S. Sorry guys, the song is called "Darla's Premiere"!)

Battle With Max

Steve Goldstein

00:55 Confrontation between Max and Danny atop Grauman's Chinese Theater, ending with Max floating away on a gigantic balloon

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Natalie Cole, Scott Bakula, Kathy Najimy

01:01 The animals perform a spectacular song and dance scene

Triumph Of The Animals

Steve Goldstein

01:04 L.B. and the studio director apologize for the mistakes they have made and acknowledge the animals' talent

Our Time Has Come (movie version)

James Ingram, Carnie Wilson

01:05 The animals are given starring roles, creating a number of parodies of classic films. Darla ends up as a janitor

I Do Believe

Will Downing

01:08 End titles

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