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School's Out

Alice Cooper - Hard Rock Hits

Kids are leaving school and trying to avoid the seniors

Jim Dandy

Black Oak Arkansas - Dazed and Confused (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The car chase between the seniors and freshmen


ZZ Top - The ZZ Top Six Pack

Pink, Don, Mitch and Pickford are driving in the car, smoking a joint and destroying mailboxes. Mitch hauls the bowling ball out of the window and smashes someone's back windscreen

Cherry Bomb

The Runaways - Live at the Agora

Moontower party scene - Darla with a beer bong

Low Rider

War - A Knight's Tale (Music From the Motion Picture)

Scene where everyone is driving around

Highway Star

Deep Purple - The Very Best of Deep Purple

Played while Pink, Donny, and Benny are driving to the middle school


Black Sabbath - The End (Live)

Just as the seniors are about to bust Hirschfelder after leaving the dance

Why Can't Be Friends?


00:21 The senior girls food/condiment initiation for the freshmen

Free Ride

Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride - Anthology Of Classics

Pink, Pickford and slater are sitting on the car watching Michelle paint the statues, the other boys arrive drinking beers waiting to get Mitch.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Alice Cooper - Even More Dazed and Confused

When Mitch Kramer is getting paddled


Johnny Cash with Bob Dylan

00:42 Wooderson, Pink, & Mitch arrive at The Emporium.

Never Been Any Reason

Head East - Even More Dazed and Confused

Wooderson brags about his car to Clint. Shavonne, Kaye, Jodi, and Sabrina hang outside the Emporium.

Why Can't We Be Friends

War - Semi-Pro (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Seniors and Freshman girls scene in parking lot

Free Ride

The Edgar Winter Group - Even More Dazed and Confused

Girls driving around town, and the boys watching the baseball game.


Bob Dylan - The Essential Bob Dylan (Revised Edition)

Fist scene in the Emporium when Wooderson, Pink, and Mitch walk in

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