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So Cal Loco (Party Like A Rock Star)

Sprung Monkey

00:08 Chorus only is played when the guys come out of the changing rooms with their new suits. Also second song of end credits.

Party Like a Rock Star

Sprung Monkey - Get a Taste

00:08 Chorus only is played when the guys come out of the changing rooms with their new suits. Also the second song of the end credits.

American Psycho

Treble Charger - Wide Awake Bored

00:13 The guys leave their house and arrive at the police impound lot.

Bakhuphuka Izwe Lonke

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Induku Zethu

00:15 Song while Chester has a nightmare about an ostrich.


Harvey Danger - King James Version

00:15 The guys are hiding the pizzas before Mr. pizzacoli comes in.

Playmate of the Year

Zebrahead - Playmate of the Year

00:19 The Alien Nordic dudes ask Jesse and Chester where the continuum transfunctioner is. Then the guys get back to their house.



00:20 Song on keyboard by Jeff to introduce Zultan to his cult meeting. (If you click to play it the song actually plays \"Lighting The Ways\" by superdrag.)

Bubble Bunch

Jimmy Spicer

00:25 Zoltan\\\'s cult gets together for a meeting.

Let It Ride


00:31 Song while the strippers pour water on their t-shirts for Chester. Also played after Jesse and Chesters girlfriends tell off the Hott Chicks.

Claire Danes Poster

Size 14 - Size 14

00:32 The guys arrive at the Kitty Kat Club.

Voodoo Lady

Ween - Road Trip (Music From the Motion Picture)

00:33 Song while they pull up to the Chinese Foooood restaurant.

It Could Be You

Blur - The Great Escape

00:35 Song when Jesse and Chester discover they have A lifetime supply of pudding.

Stoopid Ass

Grand Theft Audio - Blame Everyone

00:37 Jesse and Chester send the Alien Nordic Dudes to the Chinese Foooood restaurant to get the continuum transfunctioner. And then Zultans cult pull up next to Jesse and Chester on the road and end up kidnapping them.

You Sexy Thing

Hot Chocolate

00:39 Played while Christie Boner walks up to Jesse and Chester.

Bust a Move

Young MC - King's Ransom (Music Inspired by the Motion Picture)

00:48 Song while they find out they bought/leased a Mercedes Benz and also party by the pool.

Here We Go

Freestylers - Rough Technique Vol.2

00:49 Chester is on stage dancing with the strippers.

We Luv You

Grand Theft Audio

01:01 Song when we first see Jesse and Chester. Also played at the end when the Alien Nordic dudes erase their memory.

Sorry About Your Luck

Spy Featuring Lisa Fischer

01:04 Song while they are sitting at the bar in the strip club.

Little Things

Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte Greatest Hits

01:18 The guys are driving and pull up next to Fabio and his girlfriend at the street light and have a little competition.

Listen To The Music


01:45 Song at the beginning and end credits. (Time doesnt include end credits)

What I Believe

Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power

02:00 Song when the guys arrive at Captain Stus.

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