Lorn - Ask the Dust (Bonus Track Version)

00:04 First song, opening scenes.

Suite For Solo Cello No.1 BWV 1007

Johann Sebastian Bach

00:12 Classical music as we see Delacourt greeting citizens on Elysium.

Twitch (It Grows & Grows)

Raffertie - Visual Acuity - EP

00:19 Song when Max walks up the hill, home from work with his bandaged arm. Julio tells him about a job.

Bio Techno

Audio Android

00:26 Kruger is cooking a BBQ on the roof before he is discharged.

New World Disorder

Arkasia - Straight Up Dubstep!

00:36 Max is introduced to Spiders surgeons that will fit the exoskeleton. They are listening to techno music.

Robot Eater

Gambit - Robot Eater / Gorilla Warfare - Single

00:04 Also used in opening scenes as Max walks to work.


Burial - Kindred EP

00:29 Max and Julio walk into the club to meet with Spider.

Six Degrees

Kryptic Minds

00:40 Techno music as John Carlyle rewrites the code and uploads it to his brain.

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