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Don't Want Love

Jaydub Prince Of Da County

Joe opens the safe to find Lucas has lost all the money.


Nic Cester, Davey Lane & Kram

Joe opens the safe to find Lucas has lost all the money.

Crazy Life

Toad the Wet Sprocket - All You Want (Re-Recorded Versions)

00:42 Debra tells Berko to leave her alone as he tries to apologize.

Bright As Yellow

The Innocence Mission - Empire Records (The Soundtrack)

01:03 Debra makes Corey wash her face in the bathroom after her outburst.

I Don't Want to Live Today

Ape Hangers - Empire Records (The Soundtrack)

When Lucas is riding his bike through Atlantic City

Whole Lotta Trouble

Cracker - Garage D'or

Mark tells Lucas he’s starting a band

Money (That's What I Want)

Flying Lizards

00:24 Eddie and Mark dance as the they play a tribute song to Lucas.

Nice Overalls

Lustre - Empire Records (The Soundtrack)

Talking abt getting the money on the couch they chip in

Here It Comes Again

Please - Empire Records (The Soundtrack)

01:07 Mark is serving customers and he asks for help over the PA system.


Coyote Shivers - Empire Records (The Soundtrack)

Berko and Gina are singing on the roof

Can't Stop Losing Myself

The Dirt Clods

Heard when Lucas is playing with the money and finds the Music Town Record agreement in the drawer

I Don't Know Why


00:35 Warren is rubbing a magnet over his eye. Lucas takes it off him and throws it on the ground.



00:36 Warren tries to remove quarters that are glued to the ground.

Hey Joe

The Dirt Clods

Plays when Joe finds the empty safe

Video Killed the Radio Star

The Buggles - Now That's What I Call the 80s

They are setting up the store for Rex Manning

Dark and Brooding

Noah Stone

Mark tells Lucas he wants to start a band

Thorn in My Side


Gina dances in nothing but an apron and Rex arrives at the store

Little Bastard

Ass Ponies

AJ takes Warren's picture

If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

AC/DC - Iron Man 2

Everyone dances in the store and Joe plays the drums in his office

Counting Blue Cars

Dishwalla - Pet Your Friends

The first appearance of Berko.

Romeo and Juliet

Dire Straits - I, Tonya (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mark, dusting, sees girl on headphones and doing ballet; begins to awkwardly flirt with her.


The Cranberries - The Treasure Box for Boys and Girls

Corey runs out on Rex and AJ tells Corey he loves her

Rock 'N' Roll / EGA

Daniel Johnston - Fun

01:04 Mark imagines he is part of the Gwar band. He watches himself on the TV as he is eaten by a monster.

Saddam a Go-Go

GWAR - Universal Soldier - The Return (Music from the Motion Picture)

Mark sits on back room couch, munches on brownies, watches video of song on tv & begins hallucinating himself in video with GWAR.


Mouth Music - Shorelife

Corey sets up for Deb’s funeral


Sponge - Chasing Mavericks (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:15 They all prepare the store for the midnight party to raise money.

L.A. Girl

Adolescents - Adolescents

Warren threatens AJ and 'shoots up the place'


Queen Sarah Saturday

Marks plays this song after they all come into the store and wins with an orange candy thing

This Is the Day

The The - 45 RPM - The Singles of The The

Last song played before end credits go to black; Shows entire cast dancing together in various ways on rooftop while Empire Records neon sign glows.

Say No More (Mon Amour)

Maxwell Caulfield

Playing after Joe talks to Corey about being at work for Rex Manning day

She Walks

Poster Children - Flower Plower

Debra arrives at the store

I Shot the Devil

Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies

Gina vetoes Mark's choice because it makes the customers "all crazy-like"

Back Down Blues

Loose Diamonds - New Location

Warren arrives in the store with his gun


Sybil Vane

Deb comes out to the register where Corey and Gina are working. She insults Corey, who storms off. Gina and Deb have some sarcastic banter.


Mouth Music - Shorelife

00:36 "Welcome to Music Town"

Money (That's What I Want)

The Flying Lizards

Gina dedicates song to Lucas because he's their "employee of the week"

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