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Faya Blazin

Pete Masitti and John Andrew Barrow

00:01 First song as Hogg is filmed smoking crack by Smush.

Boogie Chillen

John Lee Hooker - Blues!

00:07 Randy and Phil follow Smush from behind. [0:11[ Randy and Phil check on Smush's body.

My Mind Is a Muffler

Arab On Radar - Yahweh or the Highway

00:11 Randy accidentally shoots the gun and a shootout ensues.

Cross Road Blues

Robert Johnson - 21 American Icons

00:15 Randy and Phil are at a diner, they talk about the shooting.

Dust My Broom

Elmore James - Shake Your Money Maker: The Best of the Fire Sessions

00:18 Song at the barbecue party, Phil tells Randy that he suspects his wife is cheating on him.

Boiling Point

Rich Kidd

00:29 Chapter 2: "Dead Ends"

Somethin' Goin' On Wrong

Vanesa Fischer and Robin Hatch

00:36 Tom presents Bowlopolis to his audience.

Black Hand

Cadence Weapon - Breaking Kayfabe

00:40 The Triad henchman drive in Smush's neighborhood, asking about the video,

Sonny Boy's Cold Chills

Sonny Boy Williamson

00:49 Randy and Dennis wait for Lieutenant Diaz to arrive home.

$20 Peanut

Weedeater - God Luck and Good Speed

01:00 Captain Schultz and Kapowski trail the shooter,

Tell You Right Now

Frank Mizen, Daniel Mizen, and Miles Brear Gliderdale

01:06 Playing in the car stereo as Hogg and Popadick drink vodka and eat donuts.

Somethin' Goin' On Wrong

Martha Copeland - Martha Copeland Vol. 2 (1927-1928)

01:29 Rocky Fang plays this song on the record player as he prepares to beat Ronda up.


Weedeater - Sixteen Tons

01:31 Hogg gives a speech to his supporters.

Guitare Jet

Les Jaguars - Surf Québécois - Single

01:35 Randy races back to his apartment.

Holy Mountain

Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain

01:38 Shootout with the Triads. [1:41] Rooftop fight.


Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain

01:38 Shootout with the Triads. [1:41] Rooftop fight.

When I Was a Cowboy

Lead Belly - Good Night Irene

01:40 Chow Boi looks for Monica and Dennis at the apartment.


The Monsters

Establishing shot of the police station.

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