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Love at First Sight

George Kallis

James sees Anna for the first time in the school library as searches for a book; (continues) James finds himself in a daze as thoughts drift to Anna; [0:10] Sneaking away from class, James goes to see Anna in her drama rehearsal for Romeo & Juliet.

Separation of Employment

George Kallis

Gregory takes a moment to himself outside in the courtyard area of his former job; Kay attempts to comfort Gregory with a hug as watches the dishes.

A Family Tradition

George Kallis

The priest stops by to bless the Albright house as yearly tradition.


Fly By Midnight

FIRST LOVE Trailer (2022) Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Romantic Movie

Something About You


FIRST LOVE Trailer (2022) Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Romantic Movie

3 Note Despair

Richard Reed Parry, Parker Shper, Pemi Paull, Yu Bin Kim & Mark Djokic

Kay cuddles up to Gregory as plays the piano in the den, James watches them.

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