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Phillip Phillips - Now 45

Official Trailer.

I'll Be There for You (TV Version)

The Rembrandts - Friends (Music from the TV Series)

Official trailer; Opening credits; The cast is introduced; (repeats) Intros for Bright, Kauffman, and Crane; (repeats) Theme song discussion; (repeats) Clip from ET; (repeats) At the end; End credits,

Smelly Cat Medley

Phoebe Buffay And The Hairballs - Friends Again

Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga sing "Smelly Cat" at Central Perk.


Rupert Pope - Ambient Indie

Towards the end, the cast talks on the sofa.

Congratulations On Your Brand New Job

Friends' Cast - Friends 25th Anniversary (The One with Cast Performances and Dialogue) [From the TV Series]

Trivia game question to Rachel. Ragtime group sang "And you know who will be there to support you..." with the answer: "Your loyal, loving, boyfriend, Ross."

Just Like Giants

James Everingham - Post Classical 2

Jennifer and David table read, reacting when Rachel and Ross kiss for the first time.

You Live

Meaghan Smith - You Live

(0:45) The World Fan Montage.

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