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For the First Time in Forever

Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel - Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

It's coronation day. Anna is out of the castle for the first time since she was younger

For the First Time in Forever

kristen bell - Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Anna sings how she wants to meet the one; The gates open on coronation day.

Let It Go

Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood - Frozen (Deluxe Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

00:31 Esla sings this song on the mountain after she runs away from the kingdom.

For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)

Kristen Bell - Frozen (Deluxe Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

00:55 Anna sings this song at her sister and tries to convince her to come home.

Fixer Upper

Maia Wilson - Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Trolls try to get Kristoff and Anna together.

Elsa and Anna

Christophe Beck - Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

While Elsa and Anna play as children in the beginning

Across The World

Brand X Music

Trailer #2 (First Song)

We Are Young

Vassy - We Are Young

Trailer #2 (Second Song) [Instrumental Version]


New Politics - A Bad Girl In Harlem

Trailer #2 (Third Song)

Mr Rascal's Emporium


"First" Time Trailer (Second Song)

Facing the FireBreather


"First Time" Trailer (Third Song)

Off to the Races

Brand X Music

Tv Trailer #2 (First Song) & Tv Spots

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