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Give Me Life - A COLORS SHOW


Opening credits. Introduction to Saul. [0:02] Briefly plays as Zama leaves a nightclub. [1:29] Final scene, plays into the end credits.

Con La Boca


Saul is reading a book about James Dean at Danny’s bodega when Zama enters the bodega and attempts to shoplift food.

Maharadjan Wishes

Jhukane Bada

Zama enters an Islamic clothing store in search for a niqab.

Pondicherry Commuting

Pearce Roswell

Saul and Zama grab food at a buffet of a Pakistani restaurant.

Fire In The Blood (Instrumental)


Saul orders a sandwich at a Siberian restaurant.

Eight Men And Four Women

O.V. Wright

Saul and Zama slow dance at the bar.

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