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Flower Duet

Leo Delibes

00:16 Max leans in to kiss the "CPR" doll.

Flash Burn

Twin Rains - Automatic Hand

The boys play spin the bottle.

Jungle Fever

Chakachas - FIP, Vol. 3: La playlist qui rythme votre vie (La sélection musicale de FIP)

00:01 Opening song, Max is on his computer, messing with the boob size of his character when his father opens the door.

Jungle Fever

The Chakachas - Just Like Heaven (Music from the Motion Picture)

The opening scene when Max is playing the game on his computer and his dad walks in.

Walking On Sunshine

Katrina & The Waves - This Is... 1985

00:10 Max. Lucas and Thor sing this song at chorus when Lucas starts crying.

Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert - Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

When they were riding their bikes in the beginning of the movie.


YK Osiris - Valentine - Single

When they flashbacked to Max thinking about Brixlee.

The Case

T-Flex - The Case - EP

When they are at the skate park.

Walking On Sunshine

Kimberley Rew

[Cast Performance] Kids sing in the school's music room.

Now You Know

Miss Eighty 6 & Classic - Fantastic 4 - The Album

00:13 Max walks up to Soren's table at the cafeteria.

I Want to Know What Love Is

Foreigner - iTunes Festival: London 2010 - EP

01:16 Thor sings this song to Hannah and Lily. Continues as Thor performs this song at the play.

Run This Game

JF - Run This Game - Single

00:35 The boys bike to the mall.

No Time to Burn

The High Decibels - Shakedown

When they were at the gas station, Thor put a beer in his pants

Race with the Devil

Judas Priest - Sin After Sin

00:55 Max shoots the frat boys with the paintball as the boys try to escape.

Heat of the Moment

Asia - NOW That's What I Call 80s Hits

01:09 The kids play spin the bottle.


Grimes - Visions

01:07 Max and his friends go downstairs to Soren's party. Max gives Brixlee the bracelet.

Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Lil Pump - Harverd Dropout

00:03 Max and his friends are biking as they talk about hand jobs. They stop to look at a couple kissing.

I Want To Know What Love Is

Michael L. Jones

At the end, the Rock of Ages performance.

Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

Barry White - Number 1's: '70s Pop

01:23 The boys ride on Thor's parent's "swing".

Go To Town

Doja Cat - Amala

The end credits.

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