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Pitbull & Leona Lewis - Amore - Single

00:01 First song as Gotti’s son visits him in prison. (1:41) First end credits song.


The Blind Eels

00:03 Song at the bar as Gotti and his men kill James McBratney.

Street Dogs

Daniella Hernandez

00:09 Song as Gotti walks out of prison.



00:18 Song at the night club as Gotti talks about the various monsters there.

People Open Your Eyes and See

We the People - Un si grand soleil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Vol. 1

00:23 Gotti’s family is making dinner as Frankie is riding his bike in the streets.

JES_Jingle Bells ES Edition (Instrumental Version)

Peter Sandberg

00:31 Song at the Christmas party; Gotti and Neil talk about Sammy outside the house.

Somebody To Be

Pitbull - Gotti (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:24 Montage of the public reacting to Gotti’s indictment.

Rather Be Lucky

Al Hammerman - Al Hammerman, Just Lucky

00:33 Gotti narrates about Paul Castellano as he leaves his residence; continues on the car stereo as Gotti and Neil discuss Paul’s indictment.

Hey Angeline

The Dirks

00:35 John Jr. gets into a bar fight.


Blacklight City

00:41 A man at the bar talks to John Jr. about his father.

Take Me for What I Am

Henrey Ford - Vintage Soul 1967-1985

00:45 A street gathering led by Gotti are celebrating the Fourth of July. John Jr. meets Kim for the first time in a long time.

The Police Strikes Back

Yessian Music

00:56 Stinger music for the Paul Castelleno assassination news segment.

Bow Down

Mickey Avalon

01:00 Montage of various news stations talking about John Gotti.


Captain Bran

01:03 The Gambino family blows up DeCicco’s car.

Little Pal

Jacob Bunton

01:19 A crooner sings this song at John Jr. and Kim’s wedding.

Nightly News

Andrew Oye

01:21 Stinger music for the John Gotti indictment news segment.

House of the Rising Sun


01:36 The public reacts to Gotti’s death. The trial for John Jr. begins.

Come Undone

Duran Duran - Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)

01:25 Gotti Jr. is trying to get away from the life of crime and there's a montage

House of the Rising Sun

The Animals - The Animals

01:33 clips of Gotti's funeral

West End Girls

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls - Single

Car explosion meant for Gotti.

Heart of Glass (Special Mix)

Blondie - The Best of Blondie

(0:20) Gotti sits in the club where he meets Sammy.

Heart of Glass

Blondie - Countdown to the New Year

(0:20) Gotti sits in the club where he meets Sammy.

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