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Mom and Dad's Pussy

Destroy All Monsters

00:01 Opening scene as a group of children are singing a vulgar song.

My Little Rooster

Almeda Riddle - Sounds of the South

00:02 Bunny Boy smokes, pisses, and vomits at the overpass.


Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain

00:03 Tummler and Solomon ride their bikes down the hill.

Nothin But Da Bone In Me

Flesh-n-Bone - T.H.U.G.S. - Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls

00:08 The little girl takes her cat inside her house with her two older sisters,


Buddy Holly - Big Fish (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:09 Dot watches a home video of her sisters singing along to this song as they have fun.

Little Baby

Brighter Death Now - Innerwar

00:15 A young girl talks about how her father molested her.

Verschleierte Irreligiosität (96)

Bethlehem - Dictius Te Necare

00:19 Tummler and Solomon ride their bikes through the woods.

Cat Killer

Electric Hellfire Club

00:27 Plays inside the car of one of the drivers as Dot and Helen are walking on the road.

My Bonnie

Hoosier Hot Shots - The Essential Hoosier Hot Shots

00:38 Tummler tells jokes to the pimp as they get high on weed.

Give the Human Devil His Due

Mystifier - The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here

00:39 Tummler and Solomon whip the dead cat. (1:03) Tummler and Solomon break into Jarrod's house with masks and weapons.

Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat

Burzum - Filosofem

00:42 Tummler and Solomon shoot their BB guns at Jarrod's house. (0:48) Tummler talks about a local drug dealer that sells drugs to kids. (1:01) Teenager records himself as he contemplates suicide (1:02) Solomon talks about life.

Some Grass

Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain

00:43 Tummler narrates about wood.

Like a Prayer

Madonna - Celebration (Deluxe Video Edition)

00:44 Solomon plays this song as he works out in the basement.

Suite for Cello Solo No.1 In G, BWV 1007: 1. Prélude

Mischa Maisky - The Ultimate Relaxation Album IV

00:59 Solomon's mother desperately waits at the house for the results of the lump on her breasts.


Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark

01:02 Video of a mutilation and a satanic ritual.

La Rosita

Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster - Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster (Expanded Edition)

01:15 The old man drives the girls to where he last saw their cat.


Roy Orbison - Black & White Night 30

01:22 Bunny Boy is kissing the teenage girls in a swimming pool as Solomon and Tummler shoot the sisters' cat repeatedly with their air rifles in the rain.

Jesus Loves Me

Scott Wesley Brown

01:25 Final scene as the girl sings this song at her bedroom.

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