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Ballroom Blitz


00:15 Nix fights Gask and his goons.

Wild One (Real Wild Child)


01:08 Miles and Nix shoot Riktorā€˜s men at his hideout.

Spin Me Round


00:02 First song as Nix fights Vadim. [0:41] Nix shoots at Miles at his workplace.

Run Wild (feat. NoMBe)

Thutmose & NoMBe - Run Wild (feat. NoMBe) - Single

00:07 Miles is trolling the comment sections of the Skizm forum.

3 Words

AKA Block & James Lamb - 3 Words - Single

00:09 Miles texts his ex-girlfriend Nova. They plan to meet up at the park.

We'll Be a Good Friends

Cellamare - Imperial Forum 390/450

00:51 Nix guns down the thugs at the junkyard.

When the Sh-- Goes Down

Cypress Hill - This Is the End (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:49 Miles calls 911 and leaves his phone in a junkyard to summon the police. [1:29} Miles drives away. Plays into the end credits.

Never Surrender

Stan Bush - Call to Action

01:25 Miles gets up and fights Riktor at the rooftops.

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