O Children

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus

Harry and Hermione dance after Ron has left.

My Love Is Always Here

London Voices

A choir sings this song at Godric's Hollow church.

The Will

Alexandre Desplat - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Rufus Scrimgeour reads out the last will and testament of Albus Dumbledore to Harry, Ron and Hermione

Dark Commence

Brand X Music

Comic Con Trailer First Music's

Never Surrender

Brand X Music - The Best of Brand X Music

Comic Con Trailer, Teaser Trailer 3

Absolute Anthropoid

Pfeifer Broz Music

Comic Con Trailer; Teaser Trailer 3 (Slow Motion Version); Featurettes; Tv Spots

Glacial Supremacy

Pfeifer Broz Music

Comic Con Trailer; Teaser Trailer 3; Tv Spot Review



Comic Con Trailer; Official Trailer (HP7.1); Tv Stops (With Choir Version)

Ghost of War Intro

Amphibious Zoo Music - Action, Vol. 1, Act I: Introductions

Trailers; Tv Trailers; Tv Spots (Only HP 7.1 Promo)

Dragons Demise

Brand X Music - Brand X Music, Vol. 15

Trailers & Tv Trailers (SFX part)


Brand X Music

(SFX part) Trailers & Tv Trailers

The End of Days

Immediate - Gates of Valhalla

Trailers; Tv Trailers; Featurettes

The Prophecy


Japanese Tv Spots; Tv Spot (Leaked)

Sorcerer's Secret

Brand X Music - The Best of Brand X Music

Teaser Trailer 1 & 2; Featurettes.

Sands of Time

Audiomachine - Chronicles

Blu-Ray Trailer & Tv Spots

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