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This Is the World We Live In

Joe Echo - Heartless

00:02 Jamie is developing the photo he taken from a shoot when he notices a disturbing face looking at him from the window of a house.

In You Are All the Stories

Joe Echo - Heartless

00:03 Jamie heads up to the photoshoot where he finds a supermodel named Tia upset over the shoot. (1:22) Montage of Jamie and Tia hanging out together.

What Skin Is All About

Joe Echo - Heartless

00:09 Jamie buys a drink at the deli and is harassed by his neighbors as he walks home.

The Other Me

Jim Sturgess - Heartless

00:13 Jamie is looking at a photo of Tia at his desk.


Joe Echo - Heartless

00:15 Jamie talks to his grand dad at the kitchen.


Jim Sturgess - Heartless

00:16 Jamie is taking out the trash when he comes across pictures of the demonic lizard-like face he saw earlier. (0:68) A group of people are fighting at another bar. (1:44) End Credits

Heartless (Instrumental)

Jim Sturgess - Heartless

00:17 Jamie walks wirh his neighbour and new-found friend, A.J to the bar.

Lie to Me

Joe Echo - Heartless

00:18 Jamie and A.J arrive at the bar. (0:67) A drunk man exits a bar and is pursued by Jamie

It Must Be Somewhere

Mary Leay - Heartless

00:19 Jamie and A.J are having drinks, Jamie talks about his heart-shaped birthmark.

The Darker It Gets

Joe Echo & Mary Leay - Heartless

00:31 Jamie is walking around the neighborhood, looking for the monsters that killed his mother.

Phoenix In Dynamite Sky

Joe Echo - Heartless

01:18 Jamie and Tia are dancing at a nightclub.

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