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Ivan Burlyaev

00:03 The crew drives wounded Rita to the hospital. Lebedev tells Vampire they'll have to leave her there

Playing Death

Ivan Burlyaev

00:19 Faking Rita's death


Tresmuchachos Сompaneros

00:23 Doc, Yan, Komar and Vampire pass passport control as tourists

The Boat

Ivan Burlyaev

00:28 Episode on the "Berix"

The Game (2nd edition)


00:45 Max fights with Oleg

Last Moments Of Joy

Ivan Burlyaev

00:50 Vampire and Rita take the weapon from the watchman's storehouse. Night scene on the landing stage

Love Theme

Ivan Burlyaev

00:52 Komar bursts into Vampire and Rita's cabin

Teenage Rockin'


00:56 Max and Lena have a great time on the steamboat

Evil Bridge

Ivan Burlyaev

01:00 Lebedev makes a deal with Komelev. Rita, Vampire, Max and Komar prepare the attack


Ivan Burlyaev

01:02 Rita plays "drunk" bride

Final Battle

Ivan Burlyaev

01:04 The seizure of the base has begun

Next Level

Showbiz and AG

01:05 In the barracks

Being Cool

Ivan Burlyaev

01:07 Seizure of the dirigible


Ivan Burlyaev

01:11 Doc's final explanation

Чужое небо (tr. - Foreign Sky)

Smyslovye Gallycinacii

01:19 Vampire, Rita and Max are seized by the authorities. Epilogue: Rita meets Vampire after his discharge from the penal colony

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