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What You Need (Live)

INXS - Live At Barker Hangar

(0:33) Jacob meets his mom

Heaven's Sake


Playing in the background at 'Sup Dawg'


Animotion - Now That's What I Call the 80s

(0:43) disco ball in the log cabin

My Block

Cham Pain - Epic Movie

00:03 Jacob is playing second life on his laptop in the basement when Adam (Cusack) comes down

I Want to Know What Love Is

Foreigner - iTunes Festival: London 2010 - EP

(0:43) second song in the disco ball log cabin

(I Just) Died In Your Arms

Cutting Crew - Throwback Tunes: 80s

(0:52) Writing breakup poetry, drinking and smoking

True - Single Edit

Spandau Ballet

(0:58) Sitting on the kitchen counter smoking cigars


Spandau Ballet - Awesome 80's Hits

(0:58) Sitting on the kitchen counter smoking cigars

Louder Than a Bomb

Public Enemy - 25th Anniversary Collection

00:18 They're drinking in the hot tub.

Bizarre Love Triangle

New Order - Total (Deluxe Version)

(1:16) Looking for the Chernobly


Enrique Iglesias

(1:22) Fighting for the Chernobly

Once In a Lifetime

Talking Heads - Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand In the Vaseline

(1:30) Walking in to their new lives in the present

Home Sweet Home

Mötley Crüe - Live: Entertainment or Death

(1:34) End credits - Motley Lue concert

Smooth Up In Ya

Bulletboys - Greatest Hits - Burning Cats and Amputees: People with Issues

00:37 Playing at the bar on stage when Nick says 'he cant remember the last time he saw you guys'

Yes Man (Featured In Hot Tub Time Machine)

The Little Wands - Songs From Your Favorite Comedy Movies

01:22 when lou kinda pounces suddenly onto blaine, the sky patrol guy during the fight

Turn Up the Radio

Autograph - Sign In Please

00:01 First song during opening credits.

Cry Tough


00:45 The track performed at the Poison show when jacob meets Adam and Jenny

Push It

Salt-N-Pepa - Now That's What I Call the 80s

When Lou and Jacob go to the wild girl's room.

(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight

Cutting Crew - The Best of Cutting Crew

Adam is depressed in his room writing break up poetry. Jacob finds him smoking weed.

Perfect Way

Scritti Politti - Hot Tub Time Machine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:22 The ski back to the ski lodge and notice a guy on a massive cellular phone.

Skin I'm In

Static Revenger ft. Luciana

00:54 Adam is telling the hotel assistant/bellhop he's going to lose one of his arms. They start joking around about losing arms.

Occam's Razor

Ocha la Rocha - Ocha Lives (Deluxe Edition)

The guys drive up through the mountains on the way to Kodiak Valley Ski Resort. Lou argues with Jacob about his texting and Lou talks about the drinks he's brought. 0:10

Modern Love

David Bowie - The Best of David Bowie 1980/1987

00:35 Playing in Jenny's room when Adam visits her.


Nic Cester, Davey Lane & Kram

When Nick flashes back to performing on stage.

Careless Whisper

Craig Robinson & the Nasty Delicious

01:06 When Nick flashes back to performing on stage.

Kickstart My Heart

Mötley Crüe - Live: Entertainment or Death

00:19 They all go skiing before falling off the edge.

I Will Dare

The Replacements

01:03 Nick and Lou are sitting at the bar talking about future ideas. Twitter,, Zach Efron, Prius.

I Can't Wait

Nu Shooz - 80's the Collection

00:23 The track plays as Nick starts runnin' out of the ski Lodge after he asks the lady 'What color is M.Jackson'

Yes Man

The Little Wands

when lou kinda pounces suddenly onto blaine, the sky patrol guy during the fight


The Ultra-Infidels

00:15 They're sitting at the table playing quarters. Lou is calling for a prostitute.

Blind Man

Newton Talks

01:11 Playing in the bar after Nick's performance.

About to Burst

Ken Tamplin

Ken Tamplin's "About to Burst" - Hot Tub Time Machine [Soundtrack)

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