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Jay's Rap 2001

Jason Mewes - Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (Music From The Motion Picture)

00:01 After Jay and Silent Bob are dropped off at the Quick Stop as babies, cut to the present day where they're still standing there.

Life's Been Good

Joe Walsh - But Seriously, Folks...

00:01 The movie begins; baby Jay and Silent Bob are parked outside the Quick Stop by their mothers.


The Bloodhound Gang

00:03 Dante and Randal discuss how annoying Jay and Silent Bob are from inside the Quick Stop.

The Devil's Song

Marcy Playground

00:04 Jay and Silent Bob talk with Brodie after getting banned from the Quick Stop.

Tube Of Wonderful

David Pirner

00:06 Jay and Silent Bob visit Holden's house.

Choked Up


00:07 Jay and Silent Bob ask Holden about the Bluntman and Chronic movie.

Plastic Jesus

Toe Jam

00:15 Jay and Silent Bob hitch a ride with a nun.

Magic Carpet Ride

Steppenwolf - The Vietnam War (The Soundtrack)

00:17 Jay and Silent Bob get stoned with the Scooby Doo gang.

Mooby Theme Song

Kevin Smith and Howard Shore

00:18 Jay and Silent Bob find a Mooby's restaurant after waking up.

Bad Medicine

Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right

00:20 Jay meets Justice for the first time.

Tougher Than Leather


00:22 Justice's friends exit their car, posing and dancing sexily.

This Is Love

P.J. Harvey

00:26 The girls drive through the countryside after Jay has kicked Brent out.


Bob Schneider

00:29 Jay, Silent Bob, and the girls stop by a convenience store; Jay and Silent Bob hang outside, but they lament that it's not the same.

Girl From Petaluma

Ronald A. Mendelsohn and John Carlo Dwyer

00:30 Justice and the girls argue inside the convenience store; plays again later when Jay and Silent Bob wait for a receptionist who badmouthed them to finish his call.

Too Much Heaven

The Bee Gees

00:32 Jay agrees to steal a monkey for Justice.

Letter from an Occupant

The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic (Remastered)

00:49 The girls celebrate their successful heist.

Fuck Tha Police

Jason Mewes

00:50 Jay and Silent Bob eat breakfast at the diner in Utah.


Thomas Rusiak - Magic Villa Anniversary Edition

00:59 Jay and Silent Bob arrive in Hollywood.

Boys Better

The Dandy Warhols - The Capitol Years: 1995-2007

01:08 Matt Damon (as Will Hunting) shoots Clark (Scott Winters) on the set of Good Will Hunting 2.

Kick Some Ass

Stroke 9 - Greatest Hits

01:31 Jay and Silent Bob track down everyone who badmouthed them online and beat them up.

Jungle Love

Morris Day and The Time

01:34 First song of the credits; Jay, Silent Bob, and the cast dance as Morris Day performs.

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