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Stars of Fire

Adrian Quisbert Villanueva

00:04 Marcus introduces Yossi to his friend, Kevin Gale.

Alexandra El Panuelo

Bolivia Manta

00:05 At a restaurant, Yossi talks to Kevin and Gale about his previous travels around the world.

Hippie Stuff

Hermann Skibbe - Mixed Tools

00:11 At the apartment, Yossi tries to convince Marcus and Kevin to come along with him and Karl to explore the jungle.

Dios me Del

Familia Pillco

00:12 At a bar, Karl shows Yossi and his friends a map of the jungle.

Pretty Woman

Gustave Leon F

00:14 Yossi shows Kevin and Marcus the pocket torah that his uncle gave him before he passed away.


Brenda Lee - In the Mood for Love: Classic Ballads

01:04 Yossi imagines himself eating at a fast food restaurant.

Overture from Royal Fireworks

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Sir Charles Makerras - Wedding On a Budget

01:31 Yossi imagines an audience cheering for him as he treks through the jungle.

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