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Point of Intersection

Isvisible Isinvisible

The mission was a success because the buildings exploded.

Dreamy Runaway

The Halfside

Tom comes for Roman and his buddies' meeting. 

The Dance Of Eternity

Will Hinn

Mohammad sobs at his son's burial.

I'm In The Zone

DJ Standout

The music is playing on the car stereo.

If You Have Ghosts

Chelsea Wolfe

Tom and Mo are heading to Delaram in search of a friend who can assist them.

Solid Ground

Michael Kiwanuka - KIWANUKA

Tom and Mo are waiting for assistance, after Tom and Mo discussed their families.

Endeavour - Extended Mix


Roman rescued Tom and Mo by impersonating ISIS and storming Raoul's camp.


Spooky Black

The pilot was given orders to use the bombs to save Tom and Mo.

Low Tide

Tom Rhodes & Hustle Standard

Tom and Mo have been saved. The journalist is now free to leave.

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