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Winter Night


00:04 Opening scene where Evan and his wife are having sex.

Detroit Rock City

Kiss - The Dilemma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:10 Evan is listening to music as he's working on a midnight project.

You Never Knew


00:13 Evan continues on working on his project when hears a knock at his door.

Somewhere To Run

Emeen Zarookian

00:24 Genesis and Bel starts having an intimate conversation with Evan which makes him uncomfortable.

Soul Wurli Funk

Jimmy Deer

00:22 Genesis and Bel is listening to Evan's record player.

Lonely Town

Stefano Mastronardi - Talking, Vol. 2

00:28 Genesis and Bel conversation gets increasingly raunchy, Evan decides to change the subject and asks them where the girls are from.

Union Street Shuffle

Timber Music Supply

00:26 Bel and Genesis sit in a couch with Evan and continues to make Evan uncomfortable with their conversation about sex.

Casser (Sokio Remix)

Edith Crash - Casser (Sokio Remix) - Single

00:34 Evan mixes this song on the record player and dances with Bel.

Prenderemos Fuego al Cielo

Francisca Valenzuela - Tajo Abierto

00:32 Evan plays a record for Bel and she starts to dance.

Calma Que No

Jumper Joy - Ganando Altura - Single

00:48 Second song Bel mixes on Evan's record player.

We Are Dead

Dale Gonyea

00:48 Bel is playing one of Evan's records and which angers Evan.

Talking to the Devil

Sorcery - Stuntrock

00:53 Evan is back at his work desk and continues on his project until he hears a noise from a distance.

Daddy Was

Le Fits - Fisticuffs

00:50 Evan drives Genesis and Bel to their house.

Grandma Belles Song

Lorenza Izzo

00:54 Genesis hums softly to herself as she uses Evan's wife make-up.

Where Is My Mind?

Pixies - Horns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:33 Belt plays this record as she and Genesis depart with Monkey, leaving Evan to his fate. Karen and the kids arrive home to the entire house ruined while speechless.

Family Feud - Game Show Theme

TV Tunesters - Television's Greatest Themes - Game Shows

Psychos making breakfast next morning after raping him

Falling (feat. Harley Bird)

Diviners - Falling (feat. Harley Bird) - Single

Evan, Genesis and Bel make out in the shower

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