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A World Without Love (Mono) - 2002 Remaster

Peter And Gordon

Opening sequence. Ellie dances in her room and imitates Audrey Hepburn.

Wishin' and Hopin'

Dusty Springfield - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Dusty Springfield

Ellie receives the news that she has been accepted into the London College of Fashion and happily celebrates with her grandmother Peggy.

A World Without Love

Peter Gordon - Oldies 60s

Eloise dances around her room and the hallway.

Don't Throw Your Love Away - Mono

The Searchers

Ellie leaves her grandmother Peggy and boards a train with her headphones on.

Beat Girl - 1993 Remaster

John Barry Orchestra

Ellie and her friends raise a glass to Soho and make their way to The Toucan.

Beat Girl (1993 Remaster)

The John Barry Orchestra - The EMI Years - Volume 1 (1957-60)

Eloise, Jocasta, and friends wander the streets of Soho

Starstruck - 2018 Stereo Remaster

The Kinks

Ellie heads back to her dorm after catching a glimpse of The Silver Haired Gentleman.

You're My World - 2003 Remaster

Cilla Black

Ellie puts on a record and lies down in bed. As she falls asleep, she enters a dream world and finds herself transported back to 1965 London.

Wade in the Water

The Graham Bond Organisation

Sandie boogies with Jack as the Cafe de Paris house band performs.


The Kinks - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Eloise following behind the group of her flatmates in Soho before turning and leaving on her own.

Oh Baby (Stereo Remix) - Remastered

The Graham Bond Organisation

Jack and Sandie leave Cafe de Paris. The song cuts as they make their way outside.

Anyone Who Had a Heart (2003 Remaster)

Cilla Black - The Best Of 1963-1978

Sandie receives a ride to Goodge Place. Jack comments about the brightly lit area.

Wade In the Water (Live At Klooks Kleek)

The Graham Bond Organisation - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sandie and Jack dance at the Cafe De Paris; The first time Eloise goes to the past.

I've Got My Mind Set on You

James Ray

Ellie walks down the street and admires a hickey on her neck.

Land of 1000 Dances

The Walker Brothers - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Trailer; (repeats) Montage of Sandie dancing in the clubs and talking to different men.


Petula Clark - Ultimate Petula Clark

Sandie auditions at the Rialto. Ellie watches from a venue chair. The same song can be heard again later at the 45-minute and 1 hour and 50-minute marks of the movie.

Primitive London 1

Basil Kirchin

Jack agrees to manage Sandie. They share an intimate bedroom moment.

Happy House

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Eloise begins to see Sandie, and the ghosts at the Halloween party, as those around her dance.

Bad Penny

Rory Gallagher

Ellie seeks work at The Toucan. The Silver Haired Gentleman stares at Ellie.


Barry Ryan - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

On the jukebox in the basement of The Toucan; Eloise enters.

Spanish Blues (Version 2 - Master Take - Stereo Remix) - Remastered

The Graham Bond Organisation

The Rialto band continues their performance as a dancer dressed as Cleopatra takes the stage.

Anyone Who Had a Heart

Cilla Black - Cilla In the 60's

Ellie and Ms. Collins talk over tea.

Here Comes the Night (feat. Van Morrison)

Them - The Essential Van Morrison

John visits Ellie at work. He orders three Kronenbourgs.

You’re My World

Anya Taylor-Joy - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sandie walks up the stairs after Eloise holding a knife.

Land of a 1,000 Dances

Walker Brothers

A record plays on its own in Ellie’s flat. She arrives at the Rialto as Sandie in a dream sequence.

There's A Ghost In My House

R. Dean Taylor

Ellie and John arrive at the Inferno. They observe the crowd while being watched by Jocasta.

Happy House

Siouxsie and the Banshees

At the Halloween party, Ellie drinks a blue-colored beverage and dances with John.

(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me

Sandie Shaw

Ellie arrives at class. She gazes nervously at John as Jocasta watches.


Cilla Black

During Ellie's visit with Alexandra at her apartment, the soundtrack of The Last Night in Soho can be heard playing in the background.


Steven Price - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Score)

Outside The Toucan after the old man has left.

You Know You're Not Asleep

Steven Price - Last Night In Soho (Original Motion Picture Score)

Eloise sees Sandie pretending to be asleep on a bed to avoid being assaulted by a man that comes out of the bathroom.

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