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Rocking Pneaumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu


00:34 Julian meets with his Uncle at his car dealership and talks him into "investing $15k into a nightclub"

You And Me

Glen Danzig

Clay comes by Blair's modeling job....asks her about her blow habit and she assures him she is different than Julian and "can quit anytime she wants" Clay leaves as Blair asks him if he misses her (as the door shuts on her...)

Li'l Devil

The Cult

Music playing at the club when the 3 of them go out together and try to have fun...


Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology

00:24 Julian goes off into a corner of the club and smokes the blow he got from Rip.

A Hazy Shade of Winter

The Bangles

Beginning credits as Clay flies out to California, takes in his hometown of Southern California bright and sunny during December from his LAX taxi, then checks finds an invitation to the "Pink Xmas Party" right after settling into his old bedroom at home

She's Lost You

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

Julian meets with his Uncle at his car dealership and talks him into "investing $15k into a nightclub"Julian meets with his Uncle at his car dealership and talks him into "investing $15k into a nightclub"

Fight Like a Brave

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

01:01 Rip and Bill catch Blair after she sneaks a quick "pick me up" in one of the clubs she and Clay were searching. Clay catches up and tells them to lay off her...and Julian.



A late night thunder storm crashes overhead as Blair and Clay race in the corvette to find Julian...after discovering he has stolen Clay's mom's jewelry.

Want Fi Goh Rave

Linton Kwesi Johnson - In Concert With the Dub Band

After Julian's uncle sadly has to refuse his the $50 to pay Rip, Rip wanders back to his place to confront Julian smoking more free blow, so Rip proposes a "different" way to make up all the drug money to him...

Rock and Roll All Nite

Poison - Double Dose - Ultimate Hits (Remastered)

Song plays as Clay saunters into the "Pink Christmas Party" and is greeted by many old high school friends...including the creep drug dealer Rip.

Going Back to Cali

LL Cool J - All World: Greatest Hits

Blair goes upstairs to a balcony above the dance floor for a smoke after Julian embarrassed her. Clay follows her, she tells him she needs to go home but Clay just kisses her...and they are back on.

Life Fades Away

Roy Orbison - The Soul of Rock and Roll

01:34 Blair cries in Clay arms and says she wants to go with him and he says good.End credits

Abele Dance

Manu Dibango - The Very Best of Manu Dibango: Afro Soul Jazz from the Original Makossa Man

Blair invites Clay to dance with her and he wants to but refuses, she sits with him and asks him if "she looks good" and then she continues to nag him to "talk to Julian. Clay gets angry and walks off.

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