Al Di La

Dave Statham

Sal/Vince's Pizzeria.

I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Lewis LaMedica

Vince's Pizzeria (present day).

Brazilian Run

APM Music

To the Soccer Pitch!

Kinda Complicated

Scott Helman - Hôtel de Ville

Soccer showdown in the rain.

Insect Boogie (aka Pin Up Confidential)


Vince's Pizzeria, oregano scene.

Be Free

Jesse Gold - On Our Own

Franca and Carlo in Starbucks.

Madison Italiano

Fred Bongusto

Sal's backyard BBQ.

The Mirror Blues

Duane Andrews

Franca doing coffee shooters, Carlo proposes.

All My Life

WILD - All My Life

Airport chase.

True Love

DIRTY RADIO - True Love - Single

Franca and Carlo wedding reception; repeat end credits/bloopers.

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