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Gem Club - In Roses

Mindy is driving Sarah and Jessie back home after the park during Mindy's first visit.

September Fields

Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean

Sarah has just met Mindy's fiance Leif.

Up Past the Nursery

Suuns - Zeroes QC

Plays while the male stripper performs.

Silver Timothy

Damien Jurado - Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (Deluxe Edition)

Plays at the bachelorette party just before the stripper arrives.


White Hinterland - It's Kind of a Funny Story (Music from the Motion Picture)

When some years past and Jessie and Sarah are in traffic going to see Mindy

Sun Moon

Chris Bathgate - Throatsleep

Sarah and Mindy driving in the car

Devastation Trail

Dark Chapter

Bill-riding clip during rodeo

What We're Following

Spirit Oak

Sarah smiles and looks happy as Mindy drives the morning after they kiss

Life Goes Sideways

Ryan Eggold

Entering the barbecue party

Don't Take Your Love Away

Ryan Eggold

Sarah and Mindy walk up to meet friends at the BBQ party


Night Beds - Country Sleep

Mindy and Sarah go out partying in Nashville



Dancing at the club

I'll Never Be Able to Love

Shamir - Northtown - EP

Sarah and Mindy slow dance then kiss

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