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Zach Rogue & Tim Myers

00:01 First song as Maggie and her mother travel to their new home in Ohio.

Get It Kickin'

Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy and Royal Baggs

00:06 Playing in Maggie’s room as she texts her friends.

Flying Tiger

Nicholas Michael Hill, Von Hemingway and William Riddims

00:13 Haley and the boys drink by the bonfire. Haley invites Maggie to drink with her.

Let There Be Hype

M.C. Madd - The Bigshot Mixes (Remastered)

00:32 Maggie smokes weed at the party. Sue Ann walks up to Maggie and compliments her on her earrings. Sue Ann takes a shot at the party and the guests celebrates when they hear a long banging sound coming from upstairs.

Every Time You Think

Aron Leigh

01:00 Ben meets Sue Ann at the pub.

Hated You from Hello

Downplay - Radiocalypse

oficial soundtrack only


Zach Rogue, Tim Myers

At the very beginning, Maggie and her mom are in the car.

Fighting Machines

Bobgoblin - Love Lost for Blood Lust

00:07 Haley introduces Maggie to her friends. They invite her to get beer.

Love (Gotta Hold On Me)


00:28 Maggie and Andy arrive at Sue Ann’s basement party.

Rulin' The World


00:33 Haley takes Maggie upstairs to find another bathroom.

The Safety Dance

Men Without Hats - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:43 Maggie takes another shot at the party. She dances with Andy.

Hide from Tomorrow

Bobgoblin - Love Lost for Blood Lust

00:44 Maggie and Andy are the mall. She tells him to not go to Sue Ann’s house anymore.


Earth, Wind & Fire - 21 American Icons

After MA hit Mercedes with her car. She played this song on the radio

Bouncy House

MC Rump

01:16 Maggie arrives at Sue Ann’s party and finds Andy there. Sue Ann locks the basement as the guests begin to pass out.

You Hear a Sound?


01:36 Second end credits song.

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