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Jay Simpson - Gone - Single

Reminiscing and missing someone you loved.

Cha Cha Tijuana

Dennis Farnon - Comedy Classics 2

00:19 Conrad invites Nick to a Mexican restaurant where Conrad reveals that this was the place Sharron Tate and her friends last visited before the Manson murders.

People Say I'm No Good

Charles Manson - Lie - The Love and the Terror Cult

00:38 Conrad plays this song on the car radio as he discusses with Nick about Manson's brief musical career.

Eyes of a Dreamer

Charles Manson - Lie - The Love and the Terror Cult

00:39 Nick is sleeping at the passenger seat as Conrad is driving the car until the CD starts acting up. (0:41) Conrad plays this song again after cleaning the CD until a police officer pulls him over.

Electric Hand

Pretty - Mustache In Your Face - EP

00:46 Nick and Conrad travel to the Tattoo parlor.

Mill Valley

Jim Ford - Point of No Return - Previously Unreleased Masters, A Lost 45 & Rare Demos

00:48 Nick and Conrad hang out by the pool table at the bar as they wait for Blackbird.

Row My Boat

Four Mints - Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label

00:50 Nick confronts Conrad about his relationship with the Manson Family.

Can You Tell

Margo Guryan - 27 Demos

00:54 Sunshine applies eye drops on Conrad's eyes after pepper spraying him earlier. They begin flirting with each other.

Turn Another Page (Version 1)

Powder - Ka-Pow! An Explosive Collection: 1967-1968

01:00 Nick and Conrad arrive at the Manson Family party.

One Man's Story

Public Nuisance

01:02 Conrad mingles with the Manson Family members as Nick stands by the fire.

Time Can't Wait

Public Nuisance

01:03 Nick enters back in the house and grabs a drink from the kitchen cabinet. Nick finds a group of kids working on the Helter Skelter website.

The Paisley Window Pane

Wendy & Bonnie - Genesis (Deluxe Edition)

01:05 Conrad and Sunshine are flirting at the bedroom. (1:08) Nick enters the room and confronts Conrad about him being related to Charles Manson.

Dead Man

Josefus - Psychedelic Underground

01:06 Nick looks for Conrad at the party when Blackbird asks Nick if he could help give some legal advice.

Just Enough

Julian Lynch

01:09 Conrad talks to Charles Manson on the phone. (1:23) Second end credit song.

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