I Want Candy

Bow Wow Wow - Radio Hits of the 80s

Shopping and extravagance montage.

Avril 14th

Aphex Twin - Drukqs

Played while Marie Antoinette is walking through her gardens and climbing the stairs at Versailles after Count Fersen has left and she is feeling melancholic.

Tristes apprets, pales flambeaux

Agnes Mellon with Les Arts Florissants

Is played throughout an opera scene when everyone is hating Marie Antoinette, also while we see the portrait of her family being replaced when her baby dies and through the infant's funeral.

I Want Candy

Bow Wow

The clothes-and-candy montage: Marie Antoinette and her ladies eat cake, try on shoes and get their hair styles in this fashion sequence

Hong Kong Garden

Siouxsie and The Banshees

Played during the masked ball scene as Marie Antoinette and her friends push their way through the party

Kings of the Wild Frontier

Adam and The Ants

Count Ferson finds Marie Antoinette lying on her bed in nought but stocking and a fan. They kiss and undress eachother.

The Melody of a Fallen Tree

Windsor for the Derby - We Fight Til Death

Plays while Marie Antoinette rides in the carriage through the forest to meet Louis and the French royals

Natural's Not In It

Gang of Four - Marie Antoinette (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Played during the opening credits, including the shot of Marie Antoinette lounging on a couch while a servant puts on her shoes

Jynweythek Ylow

Aphex Twin - Marie Antoinette (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Played when Marie has arrived at Versailles and she is being shown her new rooms and jewlery.


Bow Wow Wow - Marie Antoinette (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Played in the background during the masked ball as Marie Antoinette and Count Ferson meet and flirt

What Ever Happened

The Strokes - Marie Antoinette (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Marie Antoinette asks to be excused from the boring royal family get-together and runs down the hall to her chambers and throws herself on her bed.

Fools Rush In

Bow Wow Wow - Marie Antoinette (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Played during the carriage ride home after the masked ball scene, as Marie Antoinette looks out of the window and remembers her meeting with Count Ferson


New Order - Total (Deluxe Version)

Played during the birthday montage, from the poker and champagne sequence through to Marie Antoinette and friends watching the sun rise the next morning


The Cure - Disintegration (Deluxe Edition - Remastered)

Played as the newly annointed Marie and Louis descend the steps as King and Queen of France

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