Bad to the Bone

George Thorogood and The Destroyers - Megamind (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:05 First song when Megamind realizes he was destined to be the bad guy. Continues as he escapes Prison.

A Little Less Conversation

Elvis Presley - Megamind (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:10 Metroman shows off for the crowd at his memorial statue unveiling.

Bad to the Bone

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Now That's What I Call Classic Rock

After Stars and Tights, when Megamind decides as a teenager that he was destined to be bad, eventually landing in a prison

Stars and Tights

Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe - Megamind (Music from the Motion Picture)

Opening scene where Megamind and Metro-Man land on Earth and grow up together

Highway to Hell

AC/DC - Live (Collector's Edition)

When Megamind takes the city and with Minion goes to the police station to make a speech. "Hell" is comedically censored out by Minion.

Mr. Blue Sky

Electric Light Orchestra - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

00:42 After Titan is created, Megamind tries to teach him to be a good hero.

Lovin' You

Minnie Riperton - Megamind (Music from the Motion Picture)

Montage of Roxan and Megamind (disguised as Bernard) having dates and falling in love

Crazy Train

Ozzy Osbourne - The Essential Ozzy Osbourne

Played during a montage of Megamind and Minion vandalizing the city after Metro-Man's supposed death

Alone Again Naturally

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Megamind (Music from the Motion Picture)

Played after Crazy Train ends, with Megamind bored staring out of the window at the vandalized city.

Back In Black

AC/DC - Live (Collector's Edition)

Played while Megamind messes around outside the courthouse in the Black Mamba mech waiting for Titan

Metro Man's Song

Brad Pitt

An awful song that Metro-Man sings to Megamind and Roxan in an attempt to prove that he wants to have a career in music


Michael Jackson - Despicable Me 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Closing scene, with the Megamind museum and end credits

Welcome to the Jungle

Guns N' Roses - Lean On Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Played during Megamind's rescue of Roxan from Titan.

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