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Dave Madden - Open-Eyed

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List - Official Trailer (2015)

I Love You

Said The Whale - Hawaiii

IOpening credits; Naomi & Ely head to school on their way they discuss about their buildings new doorman,Gabriel, and whether he should be placed on the 'No Kiss List'. 

It's EZ

Olamide Faison

As they walk to school, Naomi & Ely pass Otis singing on the street corner they stop to listen to him play and Naomi drops starburst candies into his guitar case before they head off.

Pull Me In

Chucky Danger - My Friends

After being kicked out of class, Naomi calls Ely in a panic and asks for him to meet her at Yaffa's café; Naomi waits for Ely at the café when notices Bruce 2 filming her from outside. 

Pull Me In

Paper Lions - My Friends

After being kicked out of class, Naomi calls Ely in a panic and asks for him to meet her at Yaffa's café; Naomi waits for Ely at the café when notices Bruce 2 filming her from outside. 

I Just Wanna (TSP Remix)

Steven Q-Beatz

Naomi & Ely watch Gabriel play basketball in the park.

The Only Ones

Deluka - Bonds - EP

Naomi & Ely rest in the park on a bench then head out into the city; Naomi & Ely play around the city playing wigs, food, listening to music and other things then head back to their inside tree house.


Bishop Morocco - Old Boys - EP

Ely places on music as Naomi runs through a list of things they could do when Ely receives a text message from his mother Ginny asks him to help with his other mother, Susan, during dinner.

Let Me Taste Your Honey

Peter Roberts

(Flashback) (Last Spring) In the buildings elevator, Naomi wildly eats a snickers bar then pulls Bruce 1 in for a make out session then pushes him away when the elevator dings and leaves. 


Deluka - Bonds - EP

Naomi & Ely head back to home; (fade from day to night as cars pass); George reads as Gabriel dances around mail boxes of the building when Bruce 2 arrives to pick up Naomi for their date.  

I'd Work For Your Love

Yacht Club

Bruce 1 tries to convince George & Gabriel that it's okay for him to love Naomi even if she doesn't love him; Naomi, Ely & Bruce 2 talk films as they have dinner together.

Wig In A Box

Rob Giles

Naomi & Ely sing karaoke at a bar, they entertain Bruce 2 and the audience with their sing and acting as they dance around the bar together.

Something's Happening to Me

Arum Rae - Warranted Queen - EP

Naomi & Bruce 2 head back to Bruce's dorm room; Montage of the students at the room and their rooms; Naomi & Bruce 2 make out in his dorm room where things become extremely awkward for the pair.

So Fast, So Maybe

K.Flay - K.Flay - EP

Naomi comforts her mother then rushes to find Ely to help fix the wall her mother tries to tear down when Gabriel offers to help her; Naomi goes to a club in search of Ely.

Bombs Away

Liz Labelle - Tanqueray Dreams

Official Trailer (2015); Naomi search through the club and finds Ely, who pulls her to the dance floor she tries to tell him what happened when another guy pulls Ely in the dance, she leaves.

The Shape of Us

Ian Britt - Big Light

Naomi walks the streets; Bruce 2 films in park when Naomi arrives, he continues to film as she talks about beauty then tells him about what happened with her parents; Bruce 2 leaves message for Naomi.

Little Liar

Bishop Morocco

As they shop, Naomi tells Ely about her suspicions about who sent her the mix tape, Ely is being cagey then confesses to kissing Bruce which Naomi fails to react to. CORRECTION: SONG BY PAPER LIONS

Freak Fest

Seth Freeman - Freak Fest - Single

Official Trailer (2015); Ely readied for Halloween when Bruce 2 knocks on his door, he lets him in when Naomi knocks on the door, he then distracts Naomi from seeing B2 in his closet. 


Dan Mackenzie - Stranded - Single

Naomi and the Robins watch Gabriel's band play. also available on iTunes !!!

Half Bad

White Reaper - White Reaper - EP

Naomi and the Robin's begin to leave the club when Gabriel calls for Naomi and asks her if she wants drink or to go get breakfast with him but she declines and leaves.

It's EZ (Reprise)

Olamide Faison

(repeats) Naomi & Ely part ways; Otis sings on the corner as they pass him at different times; Ely meets with Bruce 2 in the park, they share a kiss which Naomi sees and breaks down.

Did I Stay the Same (From "Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List")

Rob Giles - Did I Stay the Same (From "Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List") - Single

Ely tells Naomi to keep at the things they've collected of each other and leaves the cafe; Naomi breaks down in the cafe; Naomi brings her mother a latte as she wakes her up.

Love Wreck Thrill Ride (From "Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List")

Cassie Hernandez - Love Wreck Thrill Ride (From "Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List") - Single

Official Trailer (2015); Montage as Naomi turns her life around as she gets a job at Magnolia's as a pasty chef, helps Girl-Robin date Boy-Robin, hangs out with Bruce 1 and gets to know Gabriel.   

Love Is Beginning

Imaginary Future - Sunlight

Naomi & Gabriel have a picnic date in Central Park; As they walk back to the building they kiss.

Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It


Naomi & Gabriel kiss; B1 tells George that he aced the SATs and he's not jealous of Naomi & Gabriel; Ely comes to B2 dorm they kiss; Naomi & Ely meet up, they update each other about their lives. 

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