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Gimme Some

Weval - Easier - EP

Blake goes after Gabi when she leaves Larry’s party in distress.

Stay With Us

Seoul - Majestic Casual - Chapter 2

00:03 Martin‘s friend talks about his ex-wife, Bethany, at the party.

Only You Can Tell

Croquet Club - Anjunabeats Journeys 02

00:04 Gabi and her friends talk about guys at the bar. (1:00) Martin and Gabi leave the party.

Lack of December 29

Phillip Ekstrom

When Martin and Gabi are first sexting back and forth on the Winx app at around 7:30 in the movie.

Minor Times

Frankie Rose - Herein Wild

00:05 Martin meets his date at the bar. (0:53) Second song at the party; Gabi tells Martin to talk to a different girl at the party.


Many Voices Speak - Away for All Time - Single

00:06 Martin searches up Bethany’s online profile at the bar.


Still Corners - Dead Blue

00:07 Martin is making out with his date on the couch when she reveals to him that she has taken Klonopin. (1:12) Martin meets Blake at the bar.

Song With No Name

Keegan DeWitt

00:08 After being matched on the dating app, Martin texts Gabi.

Newness New Love Theme 2 Alt

Gwilym Gold

01:36 Gabi texts Martin. She asks if they can talk.

Shortline (Hauschka Remix)

Howling - X Machina - Single

(1:00) Martin gets a lap dance; the couple experiments with other people.


Howling - X Machina - Single

00:10 Gabi talks to Gabi about penises at the bar (1:01) Martin gets a lap dance. They start experimenting with other people.

I Know, I Know

Gwylim Gold

01:53 Second end credits song.

Strobes Pt. 2

Lemaitre - The Friendly Sound EP

00:12 Martin and Gabi dance at the bar.


Magic Bronson - Wildlife

00:13 Martin and Gabi chose a photo at the photo booth.

Newness I

Keegan DeWitt

00:51 Gabi tells Martin to be honest with her.

Newness II

Keegan DeWitt

00:14 Gabi talks to Martin on how her parents meet.

Newness XXXV

Keegan DeWitt

00:17 Martin and Gabi have sex.

Avril 14th

Aphex Twin - Drukqs

00:21 Martin and Gabi have sex. Martin asks if Gabi to move in with her. (1:51) Final scene, plays into the end credits.


Nils Frahm - Felt

00:31 Martin tells Gabi how his sister died. (1:16) Martin tells Blake about the child.


Beasthead - Tallest Trees - EP

00:56 Fourth song at the party; Gabi talks with Larry.

A Mix of Sun and Cloud

The Most Serene Republic - Population

00:52 Marin and Gabi arrive at the party. They look for Blake.


Tamaryn - Cranekiss

00:54 Third song at the party; Martin talks with Blake at the balcony.

In a Manner of Speaking

Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague

When Martin watches Gabi dancing with Larry at his party


Croquet Club - Awake / Cardigan - Single

00:58 Sixth song at the party; Gabi talks with Larry at the kitchen.

Newness Boat Theme

Gwilym Gold

01:05 Gabi visits Larry at the pier (1:09) Larry gives Gabi some advice on the boat..

Our Skies

Alex Kharlamov

01:08 Larry gives Gabi some advice on relationships at the boat. Gabi arrives at Martin’s apartment and Martin asks her how her day was.


Majik - Paralysed / Friends (Under the Influence) - Single

01:12 Blake talks with Martin at the bar. She asks to do shots.

Gnossiennes: No. 1

Hakon Austbo - Satie: Piano Music

When Bethany play piano for martin in flashback


High Highs - Open Season (Deluxe Edition)

01:19 Gabi, Larry and his daughter visit the aquarium.


Nils Frahm - Felt

01:30 Gabi packs her things and leaves the house.

Gnossiennes Nos. 1-3: Gnossienne No. 1

Håkon Austbø - Satie: Gymnopédies, Gnossiennes

01:20 Martin watches a home video of Bethany playing the piano. (1:28) Gabi watches the home video.

Newness Gabriella

Gwilym Gold

01:40 Gabi leaves the nightclub and visits Larry at his house.

Got Me Fallin

Hi-Fi Cali - Got Me Fallin - Single

01:37 Gabi helps Larry's daughter turn on the TV at the party.


Gwilym Gold - A Paradise

01:48 Gabi leaves Larry’s house and goes to Martin’s apartment.


Nils Frahm - Erased Tapes Collection IV

01:32 Bethany tells Martin about her life as a mother. She shows Martin pictures of her son, Dylan.

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