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News Brief

Warren Bennet

00:07 First news sting in the radio.

Headline Story

Aaron Frederick Laszlo Wheeler

00:08 Second News Sting in radio. (0:18) Lou enters the news room.

Hot News Punch

Marc Oliver Vickers

00:09 Third news sting in radio.

City of Angels (feat. C Plus)

All in a JaysWork

00:10 Lou is sitting underneath a tree at a Los Angeles beach.

Patrona De Los Reclusos

The Latin Brothers - The Latin Brothers - Greatest Hits

00:13 Lou is listening to the police scanner at an urban neighborhood.

Honky Tonk Hoe Down

Richard Myhill - Media Magic

00:17 Heard faintly in the background when Linda points Lou to the news room.


Glyn Michael Owen

00:18 At the news station, Lou tells Nina about the footage he has of the shooting.

Bargains Here For You

Cath Baxter

00:20 Nina talks to Lou about the essence of the news station.

The Joust - Part 1

Victor Shoen

00:23 Lou is watching "The Court Jester" on television.

Eliminate the Night

Joan Osborne - Breakfast In Bed

00:24 Lou waits for Rick at the Diner for the job interview.

Doubt Me

All in a JaysWork

00:28 Lou and Rick are listening to the police scanner when a car passes by, blaring this song.

Business Profile

Matthew Cang - Headline News

00:33 Lou and Nina look at the footage he taken at the crime scene.

The Beach Land

The Sadies - Tales of the Ratfink (Original Soundtrack)

00:38 Lou is at a gas station with Rick.


Cecilio Perera

00:50 At the Resturant, Lou threatens to end his business with her unless she has sex with him

Kind of Magic

Blair Booth - Vocal Pozitivity

01:08 Nina exits the newsroom and asks Lou for a news tape,

Welcome Back

Jonathan Paul Hodge

01:08 Heard very faintly in the background of a commercial.

Primetime News

Anselm C. Kreuzer

01:13 Sting music for the Horror House news segment.

Lullaby Box

Leo Nissim

01:18 Plays in the background of a baby commercial.

Regional Report

David John Arnold and Bruce Upchurch

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