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White Dress

Ben Rector - Into the Morning

0:01 / 1:37 Opening & closing credits

Cold Shoulders

Gold Motel - Gold Motel

0:02 Josh get in cab, Molly trying on bridesmaid dress

Spirit of Waste

Goodbye Satellite

0:03 Lance picking Molly up to go to the airport

Little Horn


0:05 Lance & Molly driving to the airport

The Joker

Ives - The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch

0:06 Josh spots attractive girl in the airport bar

Heart's Don't Beat Right

New Cassettes - The Art Of...

0:07 Molly punches Lance and cries in the airport bathroom

Hymn #101

Joe Pug - Nation of Heat EP

0:15 Josh talking to father on the phone and with Molly on the plane


This Is Me Smiling - Only Uphill

0:20 Casual family get together

Falling Apart

The Sleeptalkers

0:24 Walking to the apartment above the frame store

Beam Me Up

Go Back To The Zoo

0:27 Josh jogs to Sean's house


Brian Lee

0:33 Josh getting dressed and dancing in his room before the wedding


Dot Dot Dot - II

0:42 First song at the wedding reception


Flatbed Orange - Flatbed Orange

0:45 Song playing in Sean's car/limo while on the phone with Josh

Now The Rabbit Has A Gun

Now The Rabbit Has A Gun

0:55 Molly in a wedding dress and eating candlelit dinner with Josh

For Your Love

Marching Band - Spark Large

0:58 Molly & Josh brushing their teeth and going to bed

Dope Fiend

Jaime Wyatt

1:00 Josh meeting Giselle for lunch

Right Or Reason

The Blissters

1:03 Josh and Giselle hooking up at hotel


Sabrosa Purr - To the Crickets and the Ghosts

1:03 Josh & Giselle fall back on bed breathing heavily

Safe and Sound

Capital Cities - Body By Jake: Don't Quit - Interval Training Workout

1:08 Molly shopping montage with sister-in-law, Carla

Poison & Wine

The Civil Wars - Something Borrowed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1:09 Josh sees Molly at the frame store, they eat dinner with families, and looking out windows

One Day

Erin Martin

1:14 Singer at the Jazz Showcase


Kevin Andrew Prchal - Eat Shirt and Tie

1:20 Molly's surprise wedding shower


Brian McSweeney - Stockholm - Single

1:23 Molly shows Josh one of her wedding shower gifts and they make love

Jag Alsker Dig

Volcanoes Make Islands

1:25 Morning after and playing wedding registry game with scanners

Under Your Wings I'll Hide

Immanu El - They'll Come, They Come

1:30 Molly runs out on cake tasting

This Is for You

David Dunn - David Dunn - EP

1:40 Second song in credits

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