Loneliness Comes

StaG. - Don't Check Out

Jenn at the bar on her birthday.

Perfect Dark Emeralds

Tracey Fairaway

At the bar, Jenn's birthday drinks with her co-workers; (repeats) Ellie at the bar with a group she just met.


Corsica Arts Club - Corsica Arts Club - EP

The girls get to know each other and dress up in Ellie's bedroom.

Take Me Now

Dave Holden, Russ Howard III

Ellie is in the bar bathroom; Madeleine sits at the bar.

Remember Me

Sarah Petrella - Seasons - EP

Ellie hooks up with random guys in the frat house.

Under Our Skin

Grand Ole Party - Under Our Skin

The girls see Jenn's boss hooking up with another woman.


Generationals - Actor-Caster

The girls rampage through the frat house killing several people.


Beat Radio - The Great Big Sea

The girls talk in the car after their rampage.


Shy Youth

The girls show up at Garrett's apartment so he can fix up the injuries they sustained in their rampage, then they drink wine with him on his couch.

Danger Love

Top Less - Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party

The girls decide to kiss Garrett.

Rx Girl

Almost Young

The girls have sex with Garrett.

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